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The palletizing of hazardous batteries located in harsh environments is a challenging application which requires robust and effective solutions. Bastian Robotics leverages its proven battery handling end of arm tool designs to engineer the precise tooling for a wide range of battery SKUs.

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Why choose a Robotic Battery Palletizer:

Bastian Solutions has implemented robotic battery palletizing systems in facilities all across the country. With the installation of these systems, we have helped our clients reduce many of the operational hazards facing their workforce.  Additionally, our battery palletizers typically allow clients to achieve a payback period of less than one year.

All of this can be achieved while not only meeting system throughput requirements but oftentimes exceeding them.

Robotic Battery Palletizer

Robotic Bottle Picking End of Arm Tool


Benefits of a Robotic Battery Palletizer:

  • Eliminates operator interaction with hazardous products
  • Reduces heavy lifting of industrial batteries
  • Quick product changeover
  • Easy to configure new pallet patterns
  • Capable of handling hundreds of different SKUs
  • High system reliability and superior up-time
  • Reduced labor costs
Robotic Battery Palletizing

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Robotic Battery Palletizer Features:

  • Integrates smoothly with product conveyor, pallet conveyor, and ancillary equipment
  • Sensors for intricate operations (stack height, product present, pallet-present)
  • Easily configurable pallet pattern programming without custom HMI
  • Vision system capabilities
  • 3-D simulations available prior to verify system capabilities
Battery Palletizing End of Arm Tool

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Robotic Battery Palletizer Specifications:

  • Palletizing rate of up to 22 batteries per minute depending on layout and pallet specifications
  • End of Arm Tool handles 70 unique battery sizes
  • Standard pallet discharge elevation:  18"
  • Standard battery infeed elevation:  40"
  • Standard pallet size:  40" x 48"
  • Can provide alternate infeed/outfeed configurations
  • Upgraded material and robotic selection to withstand caustic environment and years of direct contact with battery acids
Battery Palletizing End of Arm Tool

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Robotic Battery Palletizer

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