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Robotic Depalletizer

Automating the depalletizing of incoming material or containers can be accomplished through robotic means. Depending on the size, weight, throughput and physical characteristics of the product being handled, Bastian Solutions can recommend the best solution for eliminating the ergonomic, safety, and labor intensive issues associated with manual depalletizing.

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Robotic Depalletizer Specifications:

  • Robots can be sized for the exact application
  • Throughput of over 100 parts per minute can be achieved
  •  System interfaces with PC or PLC
  • Robotic systems can be reprogrammed for different-sized products
Full Layer Robotic Depalletizing System

Robotic Depalletizer


Benefits of a Robotic Depalletizer:

  • Reduce or eliminate manual labor requirements
  • Increase throughput or line speed
  • Reduce ergonomic issues
  • Increase overall equipment efficiency
  • Automate product tracking
  • Eliminate manual repetitive tasks
Full Layer Robotic Depalletizer

Robotic Depalletizer


Robotic Depalletizer Applications:

  • Unloading of empty containers in preparation for filling and sealing
  • Staging containers in proper orientation for filling, capping, labeling, etc.
  • Removal of bags or cartons from pallets for processing, labeling, inspection, etc.
  • Replace manual process for pallet unloading for 24/7 operation without interruptions for breaks, shift change, or meals
Full Row Robotic Depalletizer

Depalletizing Robot


Robotic Depalletizer Configurations:

  • Standard or custom end of arm tooling on one or multiple robots picking from pallets and placing onto production equipment
  • Sortation and specialty conveyor used to orient and position products fed onto production equipment for further processing
Robotic Depalletizing System

Robotic Depalletizing System


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