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Automate your mixed load palletizing process

Mixed Load Palletizing has exciting implications for the distribution industry where an organization is shipping a variety of SKUs for each order that individually may not comprise a full pallet load. Bastian Solutions can automate your mixed load palletizing operations to speed up the delivery of your products and minimize shipping costs.

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How a Robotic Mixed Load Palletizer works:

Mixed load palletizing is the stacking of multiple SKUs on a pallet to maximize pallet density. Loads can be comprised of homogenous layers of any single SKU, or even mixed SKUs within a layer.

Mixed load palletizing technology automates the building of rainbow pallets, which are increasingly popular with retailers. These pallets can be used as-shipped for end of aisle displays, with either columns or layers of SKUs. 

Mixed Load Robotic Palletizer

Robot on a Rail Mixed Palletizing


Benefits of a Mixed Load Palletizer:

  • Reduces shipping costs by maximizing space used in shipping containers
  • Allows for diverse, demand-driven pallet
  • Custom solution to automating a traditionally manual operation
  • Mixed cases on a pallet allow a business to gain maximum efficiencies in palletizing
  • High density pallet loads
  • Reduced labor costs
  • Increased capacity and flexibility
  • High uptime
  • Increased accuracy of orders
Mixed Load Case Palletizing System Rendering

Rainbow Pallet Building Concept


Applications for a Robotic Mixed Load Palletizer:

  • Planned Palletizing – robot on a rail, picking from various locations
  • Random Palletizing – single or multiple product infeeds, build pallets as product is received
  • Used in applications where mixed loads are most common
  • Used to create display pallets for retail display
  • Typical industries include food & beverage and retail
Mixed Load Pallet

Mixed Pallet Build


Specifications of a Robotic Mixed Load Palletizer:

  • Exacta warehouse control system allows for optimal pick sequence for order fulfillment
  • Large, heavy products are placed on the bottom of the pallet while small, lightweight products are placed on the top of the load
  • Customized end of arm tools optimally crafted for your specific requirements
  • End of arm tools typically use a variety of technologies including one or a combination of vacuum, clamping, forks or stripper plate
  • Product characteristics drive pallet build algorithms
Mixed Load Robotic Palletizing Rendering

Robotic Mixed Palletizing Concept


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