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Accurate 24/7 order fulfillment with AI-powered piece picking robots


Bastian Solutions SmartPick™ robotic piece picking solution is the next generation of fast and accurate order fulfillment. These robotic bin picking systems combine cutting-edge AI powered vision technology, industrial robotics and goods to person technologies to create goods to robot solutions capable of picking the most complex assortment of products with 99.9% accuracy, gaining knowledge from previous picks to better handle various product shapes, sizes, and surfaces.

Whether you’re facing warehouse labor availability challenges or increasing consumer demand for next-day order fulfillment, Bastian Solutions’ piece picking robots provide reliable, 24/7 performance that reduces labor costs and provides a fast ROI. Bastian Solutions’ experts are available to discuss your challenges and analyze your operations to determine the best robotic solution to support your goals.



Bastian Solutions SmartPick™


Industrial robotic arms with AI-enabled vision systems offer flexibility beyond just order picking. Other applications for each picking robots include:

  • Bin Picking – Picking individual products from workstation ports and placing them into totes, cases or downstream material handling equipment
  • Induction and Sortation – Isolating mixed products from induction point and placing them on take away conveyors or sorters
  • Put Wall and Buffering – Singulating mixed products from infeed point and placing them into specific bins for further order fulfillment processing
  • GTP Operation Support – Grocery, apparel, e-commerce, health & beauty, and facilities integrating GTP systems
  • Varied Packaging – Cuboids, cylinders, collapsible tubes, blister packs, polybags, and clamshells
  • Different Containers – Adaptable to cartons, bags, loose products, etc.

Features & Benefits

Helping to deliver 99%+ order accuracy for improved customer satisfaction, Bastian Solutions SmartPick robotic picking system introduces numerous opportunities and benefits that extend further:

  • Allows for 24/7 automated operations
  • Autonomous robotic picking from multiple totes, by a single robotic arm
  • AI-based vision system identifies millions of products without training
  • AI learns and adapts to product state and high variation within bins to accelerate new product integration
  • Improves employee ergonomics by automating tedious, time intensive picking operations
  • Continuous learning and improved accuracy through shared robotic AI software and picking information
  • Solves warehouse labor availability challenges and reduces labor costs
  • Intuitive, custom EoAT designs that adapt to product variability and hard-to-pick items like clear polybags and small cosmetics
  • Scalable, future proof solution that seamlessly integrates with existing and new equipment and software
  • Effectively interfaces with GTP systems, vertical storage systems and ASRS (Automated Storage and Retrieval System) front-end workstations for picking and placing of ordered items from dispatched totes

Technologies & Specs

  • Operates at or above manual picking speeds; 500-1,000 picks per hour depending on cell layout.
  • Can be integrated with VLMs (vertical lift modules), ASRS, and GTP systems including AutoStore, Perfect Pick, Scallog, Caja Robotics, Kardex, and more
  • Robotic arm manufacturer options include FANUC and ABB
  • Robotic vision providers include Covariant, FANUC and Cognex



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