Pick Module Solutions

Quick and accurate product picking

Pick modules are designed specifically to help you accurately perform picking and product replenishment operations. Our pick module design provides elements from pallet rack, pallet-flow, push back, and carton flow rack to meet your specific application needs.

Bastian has designed customer-specific pick modules for years, so we can easily design a pick module that will maximize the rate of your order picking operations.

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Pick Modules

How Pick Modules Work

Pick modules are single story or multi-level rack structures to store inventory and pick items for order fulfillment. The main component of a pick module is rack. Pick modules may be made up of various rack types including pallet, carton flow, or shelving. The number of storage locations and SKUs stored in pick modules varies greatly from hundreds to thousands.

Large distribution centers often have several multi-level pick modules with specialized levels or entire specialized pick modules set up to handle a specific type of product or configured for a specific type of rack. In other situations, companies start with a smaller, pilot pick module concept to gain confidence and proof of the productivity and efficiency benefits.


  • Allow for dense storage of product by taking advantage of vertical cubic space
  • Reduce the amount of floor space required for pick faces
  • Increase picking rates
  • FIFO (first in first out) rotation of product
  • Reduces amount of walking for increased picker efficiency
  • Ability to replenish locations from behind while picking occurs from the front
  • Increase product convenience and assist in product turn around
  • Maximize facility space
  • Store and pick everything from single pieces to full pallets in one integrated system
  • Customize design and variety of configurations to fit your unique requirements.

Interested in a pick module solution or want to know more?