Pick to Light Software

Pick to Light Software

Our pick to light systems can be implemented with pick to light as a standalone order fulfillment software module of an Exacta warehouse control system or be integrated directly into the Exacta warehouse management system, your existing WMS or host system.

The Exacta order fulfillment software runs on the Windows operating system with interfaces to other systems supported through a variety of communication protocols.


Pick to Light Software Features

Quick visibility of order status

Easily view picking productivity

Standard reports related to order fulfillment within the system

Pick to light systems and put to light systems are flexible technologies that can be implemented to meet specific needs of an operation. With this in mind, Bastian Solutions provides standard order fulfillment software functionality common to most situations as well as custom software designed to support individual unique business requirements. Our goal is to provide pick to light systems and put to light systems that meet your current requirements with the capability to easily change and grow for your future needs.

Benefits of Exacta Pick To Light Software

No PCs are required on the warehouse floor to control the pick to light devices.

If the server ever goes down, services can be configured to automatically restart, reducing down time and manual intervention.

Easier to add more pick lights to a system without drastically increasing needed resources.

Can be one module of an overall set of order fulfillment software as part of a warehouse control system for your entire operation.

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Pick To Light System

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