Warehouse Control System Planning

Improve your Distribution Resource Management

A Warehouse Control System provides more than just conveyor routing directions. An advanced or extended WCS includes intelligence for planning based on workload and staffing and visibility in real time to orders being processed.


Finding Your Balance

Sequencing and balancing work throughout your warehouse so the orders arrive at the right time down in the shipping lane area is a constant challenge when you have different methods of order fulfillment in your picking areas. Some of the typical parameters evaluated when sequencing work include: type of material handling equipment, operator picking rates, order profiles and staffing levels.

Some typical planning functions include: 

Wave Building with Automated or Manual Release - Minimize operating costs by implementing intelligent waving methods with Exacta 

Order Cubing
- Stop paying to ship air and minimize shipping costs by selecting the correct shipping box and delivery method 

Inventory Tracking and Allocation - The Exacta WCS goes beyond the traditional WCS by providing inventory management features typically found only in a warehouse management system 

Labor Requirements Planning
- Exacta provides administrators the control to plan and adjust for fluctuations in staffing a volume 

Workload Balancing
- Intelligently creates order sequences and recommends labor divisions to balance your operations 

5 Pillars of WCS

Exacta Wave Management Tool 


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