Warehouse Performance

Monitor Warehouse Performance

The Exacta software suite can solve many of your warehouse performance analysis needs. An effective tool for managing your operations, Exacta helps keep you on top of your business while providing top-notch service to your customers.

With a suite of performance management tools, you have clear visibility to your operation, enabling you to quickly make decisions on tasks, timing of execution and resource distribution.

Real-Time Visibilty To Metrics That Matter


Event Director 

Real-time monitoring of system and equipment with notification and alert capabilities. 

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Exacta Dashboard

System performance analysis and monitoring delivered to you anytime, anywhere. 

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Standard and custom system reports and ad-hoc reports (ability to easily create specialized views and lookups). 

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"The benefit of the system is [it gives us] the ability to pick many different SKUs quickly to meet production." 

— Tom Przybojewski, President, Astra-CFX SC

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Astra-CFX conveyor

Astra-CFX conveyor system


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