Exacta Event Director

Minimize System Downtime, Increase Throughput

Knowing how your warehouse operation is performing is key to catching the little problems before they turn into show-stopping issues. By providing performance analysis tools, Exacta Event Director helps customers keep their operations running smoothly.


Keep System Health In Check

It is often the unidentified little problems that slow down your operation. Exacta's Event Director proactively monitors the health of the system and equipment on the floor. In the event of a problem, Event Director logs the event and sends out real-time alerts via email, text or print, to provide you a window of opportunity to resolve potential problems quickly before impacting your operation. The level of problem and method of contact is configurable. The open architecture allows for easy additions to monitor software applications and equipment.

Exacta monitors the health of your system

Exacta Event Director Benefits:

  • Monitor link and health of interface to ERP or other host systems
  • Real-time feedback on health of Exacta system
  • Sends out real-time alerts
  • Review statistics and history
  • Provide configurable email/texting alerts
  • Exception tracking
  • Equipment failure or bottleneck identification


Contact a logistics consultant for more details on our warehouse management system.