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Thickness (in.)

Wheel Material

Vertical Travel (In)

Motor Hp

Platform Type

Number Of Shelves

Top Shelf Height

Outside Length/Depth (In)

Outside Width (In)

Outside Height (In)

Carton Quantity

Number Of Arms

Board Thickness

Max Height Difference

Minimum Length

Minimum Height

Maximum Height

Step Color

Top Step Width

Top Step Depth

Number Of Steps

Top Step Diameter

Bottom Step Diameter

Bottom Step Height

Step 1 Height

Step 2 Height

Step 3 Height

Bottom Platform Height

Crossover Width

Top Platform Height

Platform Width

Sump Capacity

End Cap Height

Angle Dimensions


Rail Length

Center To Center Of Column

Ouside To Ouside Of Plate

Number Of Rails

Case Quantity

Column Depth

Minimum (Cfm)

Scissor Type

Forward And Reverse Speeds (Mph)

Foot Pump Speed

Cord Length

Ground Clearance

Minimum Frame Width (In.)

Number Of Vertical Supports

Height (In)

Base Plate Thickness (In.)

Bolt Holes (Quantity)

Guard Rail Level (Quantity)

Mounting Holes (Quantity)

Post Type

Floor Mounting Holes (Quantity)


Midrail Height (In.)

Steel Pipe (Schedule)

Wood Toe Board Length (In.)

Wood Toe Board Height (In.)

Lag Down Hole (Quantity)

Male Connector (Quantity)

Female Connector (Quantity)

Bolt Hole Quantity

Inner Diameter (In.)

Outer Diameter (In.)

Aluminum Pipe (Schedule)


Package (Quantity)

Sleeve Length (In.)

Panel Angle (Degree)

Woven Wire Insert Gauge

Angle Frame Gauge

Square Tubing Length (In.)

Sqaure Tubing Width (In.)

Square Tubing Thickness (In.)

Post Base Plate Slotted Hole Diameter (In.)

Number Of Slotted Base Plate Holes

Distance Between Post Base Plate Hole (In.)

Max. Length (In.)

Adjustable Width

Post Width (In.)

Post Length (In.)

Post Height (In.)

Mounting Length (In.)

Mounting Width (In.)

Bar Spacing (In.)

Rail Diameter (In.)

Hook Connector (In.)

Caster Diameter (In.)

Steel Type

Post Diameter (In.)

Base Diameter (In.)

Feet Rotates (Degrees)

Feet Length (In.)

Feet Width (In.)

Base Width (In.)

Base Length (In.)

Panel And Base Tubing Diameter (In.)

Chain Link (Gauge)

Chain Link Opening (In.)

Panel (Quantity)

Base (Quantity)

Base Height (In.)

Mesh Size (In.)

Mesh Type

Connector (Quantity)

Connector Length (In.)

Connector Width (In.)

Connector Height (In.)

Base Tubing Diameter (In.)

Receiver Post (Quantity)

Panel Tubing Diameter (In.)

Tube Diameter (In.)

Midrail (In.)

Base Plate Diameter (In.)

Base Plate Width (In.)

Integrated Chain Slots

Pipe Schedule

Installation Hardware


Chain Slot (Quantity)

Bollard Diameter (In.)

Base Thickness (In.)

Cap Color

Pipe Diameter (In.)

Stainless Steel

Plate Thickness (In.)

Base Plate Length (In.)

Ul Code Rating

Batteries Quantity

Batteries (Volt)

Minimum Length (In.)

Extended Height (In.)

Collapsed Height (In.)

Bolt Hole Diameter (In.)

Padlock Hole Diameter (In)

Cain Slot (Quantity)

Usable Height (In.)

Tape Color

Fits Pipe (In.)

Guard Diameter O.D. (In.)

Diameter (In.)

Mounting Hole Diameter (In.)

Dome Diameter (In.)

Guard Diameter (In.)

Drywall Screw And Anchor (Quantity)

Corner (Degree)

Hardware Kit

Wall Thickness (In.)

Steel Thickness (In.)

Style Angle

Style Angle (Degrees)

Aluminum Thickness (In.)

Screws Needed (Quantity)

Screw Size (In.)

Adhesive Tape

Slot Width (In.)

Slot Length (In.)

Concrete Lag Bolts (In.)

Usable Length (In.)

Base Plate Notch Out (In.)

For Use With Frames (In.)

Insert Thickness (In.)

Usable Width With Bumper (In.)

Usable Length With Bumper (In.)

Fits Beam Size (In.)

Hardware Kits Required (Quantity)

Bolt Diameter (In.)

Bolt Length (In.)

Base Hole Size (In.)

Rigid Caster (Quantity)

Swivel Caster With Lock (Quantity)

Arm Extension (In.)

Clearance Between Arms (In.)

Swivel Caster W/Brake (Quantity)

Storage Level (Quantity)

Swivel Caster With Brake (Quantity)

Capacity Per Shelf (Lbs.)

Top Deck Length (In.)

Caster (Quantity)

Top Deck Width (In.)

Top Deck Lip Height (In.)

Top Drawer Length (In.)

Top Drawer Width (In.)

Top Drawer Usable Height (In.)

Second Drawer Length (In.)

Second Drawer Width (In.)

Second Drawer Usable Height (In.)

Opening Between Drawer To Shelf Width (In.)

Drawer Length (In.)

Drawer Width (In.)

Drawer Usable Height (In.)

Opening Locking Compartment Width (In.)

Volume (Cubic Inches)

Guage (Inch)

Lip Depth (Inch)

Opening Between Shelves Height (In.)

Number Of Dividers

Distance Between Dividers (In.)

Swivel Caster Type

Maximum Storage Areas (Each)

Positions Available

Caster Mounting Hole (In.)

Swivel Caster (Quantity)

Caster Quanity

Side Caster Material

Side Caster Type

End Caster Material

End Caster Type

Platform Height (In.)

Shelf Capacity (Pounds

Lip Height (In.)

Ispm 15 Compliance

Uniform Capacity Per Shelf (Lbs.)

Bottom Shelf Width (In.)

Bottom Shelf Length (In.)

Shelf Clearance (In.)

Top Shelf Height (In.)

Powder Coat Blue

Bottom Shelf Height (In.)


Uniform Static Capacity (Lbs.)

Shelf Tilt (Degrees)

Bottom Shelf Lip (In.)

Top Shelf Lip (In.)

Shelf Width (In.)

Shelf Length (In.)

Middle And Top Shelf Lip (In.)

Middle Shelf Height (In.)

Fits Bin Width (In.)

Swivel Locking Ball Bearing Caster (Quantity)



Rigid Poly Caster (Quantity)

Writing Table Length (In.)

Writing Table Width (In.)

Writing Table Height (In.)

Storage Box Length (In.)

Storage Box Width (In.)

Storage Box Depth (In.)

Steel Gauge

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