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Keep Up with India’s Festive Season Demand with Continuous Customer Support

Bhushan PL | 19 October 2022

The festive season is the most exciting time of the year in India. The season brings out the best in companies and customers with celebrations, new product launches and sale offer blasts like Amazon Great Indian Festival and Myntra big fashion festival and more. It also brings a whirlwind of considerations for warehouses and distribution centres.

To increase sales productivity during the festival months, it’s key to have support that will run full-fledged with less or minimal sleep time. Clients often extend  production time during these peak seasons and have an on-site team that is on high alert to attend to any system breakdown is imperative to a client because their productivity loss cannot be compromised.

System health check-ups are required to keep the system healthy and from any breakdown surprises. It is also paramount to reduce system downtime and increase productivity. We recommend having periodic maintenance of the system quarterly, half yearly and yearly to keep the system stabilized and healthy. In addition to that, we also recommend having a system health inspection before peak season starts.

Major Issues that Could be a Hurdle in the Operation Process

  • One of the significant issues which will repeat frequently is the conveyorCustomer-support-conveyor-repair-maintenance-2 belt tracking. For warehouses, it is crucial to check if the belt is not drifting to one side or the other. During the peak season, to ensure that the client's system is ongoing, our team always re-tracks the belt during the system's running condition.
  • Secondly, the abnormal motor sound or oil leakage from the reducer in the systems could create complex issues for your entire system and concern the workforce.
  • Another hurdle could be the damaged movable parts like bearings, O-rings, brakes, tires, etc., which could wear out due to high loads during the increased product.

Continuous Support to Clients

Our India support team is always ready to provide on-call support and onsite support (day and night) depending on the criticality of technical issues and client requirements. In addition to periodic visits for maintenance, the client can request our team visits for support, before and after peak season or whenever the production volume is high.India-festive-peak-season-blogpost-customersupport

  • Mechanical Support: Technicians check all machine parts and perform functional testing of brakes, lights and power buttons that are not performing well or need to be replaced or repaired. The team also cleans and lubricates drive chains, bolts, screws, belts and rollers, and makes temperature adjustments on the motors and reducers. Our India team will also provide on-call support during emergencies like parts replacement. The frequent technical training program is also conducted for the customer maintenance department, which mainly presents critical parts to be routinely monitored and replaced as needed, if minor adjustments to be performed, also, safety protocols to be followed before the start of work, the sequence of operations, etc.
  • Controls Support: Technicians ensure the adequate flow of information from and to your material handling system. Whether remotely or at your site, we can help to check and repair your motor controls, field panels, data integration, material flow and electrical connections. With this, to keep up with peak demand training is provided to the warehouse team, management, operator and electrical maintenance.
  • Software support: Our India supply chain software support specialists provide customers with essential support functions to report, track and resolve supply chain software issues fast. The team will help the client get real-time inventory visibility and provide the necessary business intelligence. They will always ensure that the data is safe and timely backed up. This allows the system to be up to its operational efficiency in order to provide the maximum throughput.

In addition to the above support, if the client needs to perform some critical activities to keep their operations ongoing, the Bastian Solutions India region team will also provide essential on-site and on-call training to ensure that client’s warehouse operations are non-stop. The team is trained to understand how to perform the routine maintenance check, with troubleshooting, diagnosing and reporting of potential errors.

Make Your Festive Season a Big Hit

As “time is money,” effective system maintenance for the peak season will help avoid costly downtime and production delays. It will also help to improve workplace safety that could occur due to faulty machinery. Our India region team support team is always ready to understand the criticality of your warehouse operations and help provide support to make your peak season a big hit.

Author: Bhushan Pl

Bhushan is an Assistant Manager-Projects for Bastian Solutions India. He has completed BE & Diploma in Mechanical Engineering. He has been an integral part of our India Projects department for more than nine years and has been a significant part of many projects during his tenure.


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