Omnichannel Distribution & Fulfillment

Propel Your Omnichannel Distribution Strategy with a Multifaceted Approach

Omnichannel order fulfillment thrives on the right mix of planning, software and equipment. Providing consistent, reliable services to customers in-store, online and through partners may not always benefit from the simplest solution. At times delivery speed of a partial order may be prioritized above a completed order that may be pending a product from another distribution location. Having visibility to your operations will give you the leverage you need to make those decisions fast and stay competitive in this fast-paced industry.

Bastian Solutions consultants consider your whole operation when reviewing data and identifying goods to person technology opportunities that support higher throughput, scalability and improved service. Understanding order cycle times and delivery routes will help make distribution and fulfillment prioritization more accessible. We look to provide our customers with a strong foundation that allows them to pivot when needed. With appropriate planning, your updated automated process can save time and reduce costs - while ensuring your customers' needs and expectations are met.


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Omnichannel Distribution & Fulfillment


Omnichannel order fulfillment uses a variety of order completion strategies and, as a result, can encounter challenges in different areas:  

  • Merchandise availability and inventory control
  • Managing different order sources, same inventory
  • Consistent customer experience across channels
  • Seasonal demand fluctuations
  • Real-time reporting and visibility
  • Best shipping and distribution options




To create an effective omnichannel fulfillment center, it’s important to gather and analyze data from your current inventory tracking and distribution processes. Our consultants use engineering studies to provide customers with a tailored roadmap for improving operations and achieving business goals. As you begin to dive into opportunities for efficiency, consider:

  • Operation and inventory visibility
  • System and labor efficiency
  • Software integration
  • Warehouse locations and distribution channels
  • Scalable technology and equipment
  • Future business requirements



Essential Technologies


Goods to Person

Increase throughput efficiency and accuracy of the order picking process with AutoStore, Perfect Pick or other automated technologies.

WES: Warehouse Execution System

Complete inventory visibility whether you’re fulfilling direct-to-customer orders, full pallets for your retail stores or drop shipments.

Voice Picking

Paperless order picking solution with 99.5%+ picking accuracy levels. Perfect for a large number of SKUs.


Robotic Sortation

Lower capital costs and add flexibility with scalable automated sortation systems.


Conveyor Systems

Support accuracy and on-time delivery with improved product and material flow.

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