Material Handling Webinars

See Our Collection of Webinars on Material Handling Trends

Material handling trends and technologies are always changing, and often times it takes more than a brochure or short video to explain them.  Below is a collection of 30-minute webinars covering popular topics such as warehouse control systems and order picking technologies. Each one is hosted by some of our most experienced engineering professionals, so sit back, watch, and learn. If you need additional information, please take a second to contact our team.



Robotics 24/7: Robotics Accelerates Retail Digitization

From unloading trucks and pallets to taking inventory in warehouses and each picking, learn how robots can assist order fulfillment operations at each step.


GTP vs. AGV vs. AMR: Simplify the Alphabet Soup

Our experts will present the who, what, when, where and why of choosing automated technologies and how to evaluate your investment opportunities.


Automation ROI: How to Score Success with Projects Big and Small

Bastian Solutions’ experts talk through the various operation considerations and the turnkey high-density, scalable technology options for fast implementation, reliable uptime and higher ROIs.


Success in Last Leg Fulfillment with Robotics and Automation

Bastian Solutions’ experts talk through the various operation considerations and the turnkey high-density, scalable technology options for fast implementation, reliable uptime and higher ROIs.


The Future of Robotic Systems in Distribution and Ecommerce

Hear from Bastian Solutions’ system integration experts as they discuss how to score success with automation projects both big and small.


Hyper-Local Fulfillment 101: Permanent Changes in Buyer Behavior

Fulfillment was regional, then it was local, now it's hyper-local. Learn about the challenges of hyper-local, micro-fulfillment and how organizations are managing through this change.


Breaking the Ice on Cold Storage Automation

Explore the strategies for automating cold storage operations, including considerations for operational requirements, technology selection, and building style.


5 Operational Changes That Will Transform Your B2B Warehouse

Learn the changes that help wholesalers fulfill both large store orders as well as smaller, direct-to-consumer orders - while maintaining safety guidelines, uptime and customer satisfaction.


Overnight Changes in Buying Patterns: Retailers, Brands, and Ecommerce

Retail and ecommerce operations need fast and flexible replenishment and order fulfillment to stay competitive. Our experts discuss how automation can help.  


Omni-Channel Automation

Learn how DICK'S New York distribution center leverages goods-to-person, WES and unique inbound and outbound processes to achieve effective omni-channel fulfillment.


Multi-Channel Fulfillment

Successful retailers know that to keep up with this “Amazon Effect” they must employ the right mix of data, software and hardware. The challenge is knowing where to start.


The Rise of the Urban Distribution Center

In response to an evolving retail landscape, Best Buy overhauled its omnichannel operations, including changes to its supply chain network.


Best Practices for Automating eCommerce Fulfillment

Learn why invested in a state-of-the art order fulfillment system and how to select the right automation for your operation.

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