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Improve Inventory Reliability and Shipping Accuracy with Automated Sortation

Sortation solutions can be as simple or complex as you need. They reliably automate manual sifting, categorizing, separating, dividing and distribution tasks for greater efficiency in your distribution center operations, as well as establish flexibility for growth. Designed to meet growing order demand, increased shipping accuracy and more frequent shipments, there are a variety of options available.

Both robotic and conveyor sortation are ideal solutions for separating products from in-feed conveyor lines to shipping lanes, palletizing operations and packing stations. Bastian Solutions consultants can perform a system analysis to determine the most appropriate technology for the job. Taking into consideration your facility floor plan, product specifications and year over year growth, our experts can identify if a portable automated system like Tompkins t-Sort robotics or a permanent conveyor sortation system for high-speed applications is more appropriate. Either solution can scale and integrate with larger order fulfillment systems and software solutions.

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  • Secure inventory routing and handling with inventory tracking and established routes that get products from point A to point B and can connect directly with order fulfillment operations like goods to person systems.
  • Versatile accommodations for a wide range of product types, sizes and weights, whether you are sorting individual pieces or cartons. 
  • Scalable solutions provide the flexibility to add robots or conveyor for increased SKU volume, diverts for kitting or new processes, or in-line scanners for additional QA/QC considerations.
  • Efficient and reliable sortation can be tracked through integrated warehouse execution system software that provides full transparency to your inventory for improved accuracy and allows for analysis of the most efficient routes.

These alternatives to manual sorting are fast to implement and require low capital costs. Through this increased efficiency you’ll see the success reflected in satisfied customers, lower return rates and reduced operating costs. But, first take into account:

  • Facility layout and physical constraints
  • Speed of product flow
  • Order fulfillment pre-packing and routing complexity
  • Special product handling needs
  • In-line equipment needs – ID and weight scanners, print and apply applicators

Sortation Technologies

Sortation technologies automatically identify products – individual pieces or cartons – and transport them to the appropriate destination within a facility. Usually transporting to downstream processes like storage, palletizing, or order fulfillment and pack out. All sortation technology options can be integrated with warehouse execution software for controlled rates, programmed routes and overall visibility. 

Robotic Sortation

Robotic sortation provides cost-effective, low entry point alternatives to traditional conveyor sorters, and can be expanded as needed. The faster implementation, modularity and ability to operate in minimal space makes them great options for added flexibility during seasonal peaks.

Tompkins Robotics t-Sort


OPEX Sure Sort

Merges and Combiners

Merges and combiners are used to arrange products flowing from multiple conveyor infeed lines into a single stream.  These pieces of equipment help provide smooth, automated transitions.

Merge & Combiner Conveyors

Activated Roller Belt


Sawtooth Merges

Conveyor Sortation

Designed for versatility, conveyor sortation can help arrange products from multiple infeed lines adding even greater efficiencies in distribution operations. Various conveyor technology – tilt tray, activated roller belts, cross belt sorters and narrow belt sorters – help to seamlessly maintain product flow for further sorting, scanning or fulfillment processes.

High Throughput Sorters

Used when throughput rate requirements are greater than 60 product sorts per minute: The sortation technology that meets this specification includes sliding shoe sorters, cross-belt or tilt-tray sorters, and 30-degree narrow belt sorters.

Shoe Sorter


Cross Belt Sorter


Tilt Tray Sorter

Push Tray Sorters

Narrow Belt Sorter

Medium and Low Throughput Sorters

Medium throughput sorters, which have rates between 20 and 60 product sorts per minute, include pivoting wheel sorters, paddle sorters, angled roller top (ART) and activated roller bed (ARB) sorters.

The lowest throughput sorters, which handle rates up to 20 product sorts per minute, include 90-degree transfer sorters, pusher sorters and swing-arm sorters.

Pivot Wheel Sorter

Paddle & Pusher Sorters

ART & ARB Sorters


In-Line Ancillary Sortation Equipment

Combining in-line tools like induction conveyor, sensors, weigh scales, scanners, divert points, labels and more help to keep products on their correct transport path. This makes necessary product sortation tasks even more efficient.

In addition to in-line scales and print & apply labelers, other ancillary equipment like automatic stretch wrappers, label applicators, automatic carton dimension scanners, case sealers, void fillers, carton erectors, case strappers are available to help streamline and increase efficiencies across your sortation conveyor system.


Gapping Belt Induction


In-Line Scales & Automated Weighing


Print & Apply Labelers

Bastian Solutions' Conveyor


Along with all the brands we integrate, we also design and manufacture best-in-class conveyor and sortation products. Our goal is to fill gaps in the marketplace to ensure our customers exceed their system’s throughput goals while reducing operational costs.

The Bastian Solutions’ conveyor product line has a full range of advanced sortation, transport, accumulation and specialized equipment solutions.  Modular in design and able to handle a wide range of product dimensions, our conveyor has the flexibility to integrate seamlessly throughout your facility.

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