Storage Solutions


Industrial Storage Solutions for Improved Inventory Control

Storing products shouldn’t be an obstacle. With our systematic engineering surveys and slotting analyses, Bastian Solutions experts can design a storage solution for any situation. We take into consideration all aspects of your operation to support a smooth downstream process and efficient order picking. Integration with software management tools provides real-time data on inventory, giving you direct access and security control on stored items.

With access to various technologies, Bastian Solution's engineers can identify conventional or automated storage solutions that will maximize your facility space and efficiency. Whether racking, shelving, pick modules or automated storage and retrieval, effective storage systems improve throughput and keep operations moving smoothly.

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Challenges in product storage can slow the order fulfillment and distribution process. Some of those obstacles include:

  • Inventory management and real-time tracking
  • Organization and space utilization for quick access to in-demand products
  • Keeping pick aisles full and restocking
  • Varying storage mediums
  • Ergonomic concerns


Through data analysis and studies our experts can help determine a solution unique to the requirements of your warehouse. As you review your storage density needs, consider the following points:

  • Facility footprint
  • Allocated storage space
  • Short- or long-term storage needs
  • Storage types – by pallet or bin, for example
  • SKU velocity – accessibility and pick frequency
  • Software support

Essential Technologies


Industrial Racking

Improve facility efficiency and accessibility with the right racking solutions including pallet storage to easily stocked pick modules.


Carton Flow Rack

Keep your pick aisles full and simultaneously restock with gravity carton flow systems.  


Pallet Flow Rack

Support pallet load and unload with bulk material handling systems that accommodate complex motion and control pallet speed.


Pick Modules

Maximize the rate of your order picking operations with dedicated modules that can be scaled to include multi-level rack structures or designed around specific product types.



Move loads in and out of high-density storage with both horizontal and vertical options, at a cost-effective rate.


Goods to Person

Combine automated robotic storage with accurate, ergonomic picking processes.

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