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Conveyors replace manual transport processes to create more reliable, ergonomic and organized operations. They can be used as standalone pieces of equipment or as part of larger automated systems. These solutions increase throughput, relieve bottlenecks and maximize the productivity of your labor force. Conveyors can help automate a variety of processes, including transporting, sorting, loading, unloading, palletizing, order fulfillment and more.

Modular and tailored to your business needs, conveyor systems can be leveraged to create efficiencies throughout your warehouse, distribution center or production facility. Bastian Solutions experts have access to a variety of technologies and design tools to find the best solution to support your goals. Learn how we can help improve your operations today.


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Conveyor Technologies

Conveyors are versatile tools that can handle a variety of product sizes, shapes and weight, and can be tailored to operate in a variety of facility layouts. Conveyor types generally fall into three classifications – sortation, accumulation and transport – which are outlined below, along with information about pallet conveyor and conveyor accessories

Sortation Conveyor

Sortation conveyors direct products to different areas around your facility for improved efficiency and increased productivity. This technology is often used in facilities with high volumes of goods that require sorting to various processes or shipping destinations.

Merge & Combiner Conveyors

Automated Case Flow Systems

Accumulation Conveyor

These are most often used to gather and line up cartons or unit loads for further processing like sorting, wrapping, palletizing, strapping, or other processes.


Accumulation Conveyor



Vertical Spiral Conveyors

Transport Conveyor

Transport conveyors move products, cases, totes or pallets from one point to another. This may be done via a traditional flat conveyor system, spiral, incline, or through an overhead setup.


Belt Conveyor


Roller Conveyor

overhead conveyor transporting boxes

Overhead Conveyor


Modular Plastic Belt Conveyor

gravity conveyor

Gravity Conveyor

24 volt belt conveyor

24-Volt Roller or Belt Conveyor

extendable conveyor for truck loading unloading

Extendable & Flexible Conveyor

Pallet Conveyor

Pallet conveyors are designed to manage heavy loads on pallets or skids. Dependent on application, this may include gravity rollers, chain driven live rollers, drag chains or heavy-duty slat conveyors, supported by appropriate transfers, turntables or accumulation technology.




Pallet Handling Solutions

Conveyor Accessories and Ancillary Equipment

A truly automated conveyor system often needs one or several pieces of ancillary conveyor equipment to maximize system throughput and efficiency. These pieces of equipment often provide the largest ROIs by eliminating labor costs for mundane tasks like carton erection, weigh checking, label application, case sealing or taping, stretch wrapping, document insertion, void filling, case strapping, and more. 


Print & Apply Labelers


In-Line Scales & Automated Weighing

Robotic Document Inserter



  • Automates repetitive movement for increased efficiency and reliability.  
  • Intelligent product movement and careful handling keeps products safe, buffered appropriately, and reduces product loss. 
  • Ergonomic improvements through reduced personnel walking and manual carrying of products.
  • Seamless system integration helps to support and enhance automation technology and operations.
  • Modular and versatile solution to support picking, workstations, loading and unloading, sorting and more.

Bastian Solutions will work with you to determine the optimal conveyor solutions, placement, and integration with other technologies to ensure that you achieve throughput and quality goals now and in the future. Some details you may want to consider include:

  • Product or material traffic rate and routing
  • Facility space and layout
  • Special product handling needs
  • In-line equipment – ID scanners, scales, print & apply label applicators
  • Automation technology and system integration

Bastian Solutions' Conveyor


Along with all the conveyor brands we integrate, we also design and manufacture best-in-class conveyor and ancillary conveyor products. Our goal is to fill gaps in the marketplace to ensure our customers exceed their system’s throughput goals while reducing operational costs.

The Bastian Solutions’ conveyor product line has a full range of advanced sortation, transport, accumulation and specialized equipment solutions.  Modular in design and able to handle a wide range of product dimensions, our conveyor has the flexibility to integrate seamlessly throughout your facility.

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Bastian Solutions’ engineers use advanced design tools like AutoCAD, Solidworks and Navisworks to develop conveyor system designs quickly and accurately helping you get your system up and running sooner. We also render some of our systems in 3D and generate simulations for a more detailed perspective on how the different systems will fit your facility. These virtual drawings help visualize interaction points before your conveyor shows up to your site.


Once project planning is complete, the next phase is system design and layout. During this phase, our consultants:

  1. Design various system layouts based on parameters created in the planning phase.
  2. Engineer a final layout and equipment selection based on qualitative and quantitative methods including labor modeling, operational and systems definitions, allotted budget and expected return on investment (ROI).
  3. Validate the final system layout and equipment selection with computer simulation models to guarantee the system will not only work but meet all requirements and provide strong ROI.

With the design in place, Bastian Solutions engineers help:

  1. Identify needed materials and, if needed, material suppliers for system components based on the budget, timeframe and design parameters.
  2. Formulate and manage RFPs (request for proposals) to save you time and ensure you receive detailed and on-target proposals.
  3. Choose suppliers best suited for your project based on a thorough selection process.

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Custom Conveyor Solutions

Looking for a specific technology that doesn't align with standard applications? Our custom automation team specializes in unique solutions to fit the needs of your business objectives. Our engineers are available to talk to you about your project details.

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