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Bastian Solutions experts work with a variety of customers, locations, industries and leading technologies. We leverage our vast knowledge to support everything from specific material handling automation projects to creating enterprise-level solutions that can be implemented at a variety of locations. Through this, we work with you to elevate your operations, increase efficiency and prepare you for the future.

Learn more about the automated material handling systems and supply chain solutions we have implemented for our clients and how our dedication to their success leads to long-term, multi-project relationships.

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“We’re a high demand customer and Bastian Solutions has always stayed with us every step of the way. A lot of companies say that they’re for customers, but Bastian Solutions walks the talk. We’ve always appreciated that, and we look forward to many more years of business with Bastian Solutions." – Kenny William, Senior Director of Process Improvement, Parts Town

Case Studies

Featured Case Studies


PUMA Indianapolis

Featuring new innovations and in-line packing automation, the Indianapolis distribution center provides 10x more capacity and is 20% faster than their California facility.


Hercules Sealing Products

In order to maintain next-day delivery as they grow, Hercules collaborated with Bastian Solutions to design a new facility close to the UPS Worldport.


DICK'S Sporting Goods

Dick’s Sporting Goods partnered with Bastian Solutions to improve order fulfillment speed and accuracy at their omni-channel distribution center in NY.

Case Studies by Industry

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3pl third party logistics facilitiy case studies

3rd Party Logistics

Third-Party Logistics companies manage outsourced order fulfillment, warehousing and shipping for various brands, requiring adaptable and flexible solutions. 



A high-technology industry, manufacturing aviation and aeronautical components  often requires custom material handling designs.   



Whether it’s component manufacturing, tire and wheel handling, or vehicle assembly, our automation solutions are designed to meet industry standards. 

consumer goods packaging and distribution automation case studies

Consumer Goods

Generally described as household goods, the consumer goods industry includes  products including everything from cosmetics to storage containers. 

ecommerce automation case studies


A fast-growing industry, consumer expectations of fast delivery and same-day pickup require reliable order fulfillment solutions.

food and beverage distribution automation case studies

Food & Beverage

The food and beverage industry often requires specific handling requirements or cold storage environment needs.


Industrial Distribution

Distributing industrial equipment, parts and components that support industrial, commercial or personal use through bulk shipments, individual parts or kitting.  



Manufacturing captures the handling and transformation of raw materials, either through physical, chemical or mechanical processes that can be executed by manual labor or machining.  


& Healthcare

Meeting the stringent requirements for manufacturing and distributing pharmaceuticals and supplements requires extreme precision and reliability.  

retail and apparel

Retail &

Capturing order fulfillment, store replenishment and reverse logistics of products like clothing, footwear and accessories, while navigating peak season volumes and changing product trends. 

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