Gravity Conveyor

Gravity Conveyor

Non-powered, gravity conveyors are one of the most economical material handling solutions. Loads are conveyed on rollers or skatewheels which are mounted in frames. Typically gravity conveyors are sloped in elevation to allow products to flow freely, taking advantage of the Earth’s gravity. Thus the label – gravity conveyor.

Gravity conveyors may be used to move boxes, cartons and totes with firm, rigid bottoms. Roller or skatewheel sizes as well as spacing will vary. A good rule of thumb is that a minimum of three rollers must be under the box, carton or tote at all times.

What are Common Gravity Conveyor Applications?

Gravity roller conveyors are a very economical and versatile form of conveyance and have many applications. They are the most common form of conveyor in the world. Applications for gravity conveyor include: Transportation of products

  • Loading and unloading of trucks
  • Conveyance within picking areas
  • Assembly or kitting areas
  • Mounting to carts, scales or other industrial machinery
  • Loading and unloading of manufacturing equipment
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