Sortation Solutions

Distribution Center Sortation Systems that Maximize Efficiency and Accuracy

Moving products from Point A to Point B is more complicated than it sounds. A snag in sortation may mean a product is misdelivered, delayed, or packaged incorrectly. No matter how simple or complex your facility processes are, a reliable sortation system needs to be accurate, efficient and reliable to meet and satisfy customer expectations.

The process of inducting and separating products can be supported with automated technologies and enhanced further with software support that gives you the visibility and control needed to ensure your products are at the right place at the right time. Each fulfillment center and process are unique and as such Bastian Solutions’ consultants work with you to analyze the whole system and related data which often results in better allocation of resources and trimmed costs.

Whether your facility requires a low speed, low complexity system or a high speed multi-divert automated conveyor system, as independent integrators we have access to versatile solutions that can accommodate a wide range of product sizes and weights. Robotic sortation solutions provide low entry point alternatives to traditional sorters. The faster implementation, modularity and ability to operate in minimal space makes them great options for added flexibility during seasonal peaks. Bastian Solutions’ consultants can help create additional efficiencies in your distribution operations with in-line support such as print and apply applicators, scanners, scales and more.

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shoe sorter at dicks' sporting goods distribution center


Accurate, timely shipments and satisfied customers means order fulfillment success but, before you can get there, there are various factors that need to be resolved first. Those challenges may include:   

  • Inventory tracking
  • Efficient product routing to packing, kitting, and distribution
  • Special product handling – delicate, hazardous, unwieldy size, shape, weight
  • Sortation accuracy to ensure proper delivery order and mode of transport


As you evaluate and consider solutions to existing or new sortation systems, it's important to consider all related elements that may factor into finding the most impactful technology combination.  Some of those considerations include:

  • Facility layout and physical constraints
  • Existing or needed conveyor equipment
  • Needed flexibility to accommodate market peaks
  • Speed of product flow
  • Sortation system complexity – conveyor and destination lanes
  • Special product handling needs
  • In-line product information gathering – identification or weight, for example
  • Additional in-line equipment like print and apply applicators

Essential Technologies


Sortation Systems

Accurate and reliable sortation to maximize overall system efficiency.

Vanderlande cross belt sorter crossorter

Conveyor Systems

Support accuracy and on-time delivery with improved product and material flow.

Tompkins Robotics t-Sort -System

Robotic Sortation

Lower capital costs and add flexibility with scalable automated sortation systems.

warehouse software interface

WES: Warehouse Execution System

Complete inventory visibility whether you’re fulfilling direct-to-customer orders, full pallets for your retail stores or drop shipments.

conveyor in-line scale

In-line Scales

Weigh, classify, transport and reject off-weight packages without interrupting the high-speed flow of your operations.

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