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Efficient sortation means your shipments arrive at the right place at the right time.

Sortation is the process of inducting and separating products to specific destination lanes in order to arrange them for a more efficient means of distribution. Sortation systems are often employed when high quantities of product need to flow to different destinations. These systems are normally comprised of a specific type of sortation technology and often times many different pieces of associated conveyor equipment, such as accumulation conveyor or print and apply applicators.

Product Induction & Sortation

Product sortation is one of the main constraints companies face in the process of getting their goods to market. Never before has accuracy and timeliness of order fulfillment been a higher concern than now. Combine these factors with an ever increasing requirement to reduce resources and trim costs within the distribution channel, and it’s easy to understand the benefits and efficiencies automated sortation systems deliver.

There are many types of automated sortation systems that range widely in complexity and design. Experts at Bastian Solutions can design a solution for your facility based on the results from services like our engineering study. Our project execution team can install a conveyor sortation system complete with the visibility of Warehouse Control System (WCS) and Warehouse Management System (WMS) capabilities and industrial control systems. Whether your facility requires a low speed, low complexity system or a high speed multi-divert automated conveyor system, Bastian Solutions has the experience and engineering know-how to deliver the best solution possible.

Scanning & Verification

Product identification is essential when it comes to sortation. Top-rated scanning equipment ensures reliability and accuracy of the sortation process. With a wide variety of scanning & verification technologies available, such as RFID scanners and in-line scales, it might be difficult to understand which technology is most important to your bottom-line.

Partner with the experts at Bastian Solutions to ensure your sortation process is on the right track.


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