Reliable material transport 24/7 with industrial AGVs & AMRs

Industrial automated guided vehicles (AGVs) and autonomous mobile robots (AMRs) excel at safely and consistently transporting products and materials in manufacturing and distribution operations. Our automated and autonomous vehicle systems are a cost-effective solution that increase efficiency, improve working conditions, and easily scale to match your growth.

AGVs and AMRs provide a more flexible and reliable alternative to conventional material transport methods involving fork trucks, static conveyors, and manual transport. They are typically used where high volumes of materials are moved in repetitive paths, where little or no human decision making skill is required. Automated vehicles are especially useful in processes where change is constant, and barriers - such as conveyors - are undesirable.

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Applications for Industrial AGVs & AMRs

Our job is to analyze your operations to find the best AGV or AMR to fit your application. Considerations include load characteristics, required accuracy, and system compatibility. 

Sortation and goods-to-person order fulfillment

AGVs and AMRs are capable of complex logistics and distribution functions for retail and ecommerce operations, including sortation, order picking, and goods-to-person order fulfillment. 




Order Fulfillment

Automated cart transport and delivery

Tunnel AGVs, automated guided carts (AGCs) and tuggers are designed to transport carts carrying a variety of payloads around manufacturing and distribution facilities. Our experts are happy to help you find the best vehicle to fit your application. 


3A Series Magnetic Navigation AGV


Raymond Tow Tractor


Toyota Tow Tractor

Automated guided forklifts (AGFs)

Optimize the tedious, labor intensive task of transporting pallets around your facilities with these safe, reliable driverless pallet trucks and AGFs. An additional benefit of these autonomous vehicles is that they offer manual driving control as well. 


Toyota Pallet Truck


Raymond Courier Pallet Truck

Customizable AGV solutions to fit a variety of applications

These AGVs can be outfitted with customizable frames, decks, and conveyor to fit a variety of distribution and manufacturing applications.


L-Cart AGV Kit


Custom AGV Toppers

How AGVs & AMRs Work

Industrial AGVs and AMRs are battery-powered vehicles that transport materials to designated locations using computer controlled navigation systems. AGVs and AMRs are available in varying sizes and capacities depending on the load characteristics of the items they will be handling. These systems can be engineered to handle anything from small and fragile items to large and heavy payloads.

Bastian Solutions AGV and AMR systems include state of the art technology for the safety, navigation, localization and communication systems. Our AGV and AMR systems have options available for load handling devices, system configuration and different charging options. We can also custom design and manufacture AGV toppers like conveyor and racks to fit your exact specifications. 

AGVs vs. AMRs

AGVs and AMRs are both used to move materials within an application. AGVs travel on a fixed path, relying on pre-programmed software for instructions. AMRs are an evolved version of AGVs that use perception and navigation algorithms to navigate and are not limited to a specific route. AMR technology is currently used in complex functions such as sortation and order fulfillment, but applications are expanding as customers become more accustomed to the capabilities and benefits. 

Toyota Pallet Truck AGV


  • Improve operator working conditions by reducing tedious and repetitive tasks
  • Reduce production and labor costs by improving traffic flow, reducing variability, and improving traceability
  • Improve safety by reducing human error that can cause product or facility damage and potential injury. The automated vehicles' sensor fusion along with the safety system provide optimum safety in your environment.
  • Improve space utilization by reducing barriers like conveyor and providing flexibility within your facility layout.
  • Redeployable between multiple tasks and locations as demands change.
  • Scalable by simply adding or removing vehicles and charging stations to match demand.
  • ROI achieved by improving safety, increasing consistency, reducing labor, and lowering operation costs.
  • Easy and fast installation with little to no facility modifications required. Vehicles that use vision guidance or natural features navigation require little to no infrastructure changes because they operate by referencing existing features within the operating environment to determine their location. Tape and RFID navigation requires magnetic tape and RFID markers to be installed along the desired paths. 
  • World class support, service, and maintenance with Bastian Solutions and the onboard smart controllers that record the vehicle's operational status and provide system diagnostics.

Custom AGV Solutions

Custom engineered frames, toppers and pickup & dropoff stations are often necessary to successfully integrate AGV and AMR systems into your operations. Our team will analyze your operations and existing equipment to determine the best solution, whether it's a customizable AGV kit, like our L-Cart, or a custom-engineered AGV topper. Our past custom AGV solutions include:

  • Frame designs for line-side delivery of specific manufacturing components
  • Conveyor topper designs that range from handling low weight totes to pallets over 1,000 lbs.
  • Lifting topper designs that can lift over 2,000 lbs.
  • Custom features including:
    • Unwrapped box stabilizers
    • Electric blade stops for product containment
    • High precision line up and drop off sensors
    • Aluminum designs for low weight requirements
Custom AGV Topper

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