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Let’s Optimize Your Processes, Material Flow and Operational Efficiencies

Increase productivity, throughput and order accuracy while reducing costs, maximizing warehouse space and minimizing errors. When you choose Bastian Solutions to help you automate your supply chain, you’re choosing a seasoned systems integrator with unmatched expertise in intralogistics. Let us help you analyze your needs, select the ideal equipment and optimize everything to perform efficiently and work seamlessly.


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& Design

Explore opportunities to expand your supply chain’s potential with our expert analysis, planning, simulation and design solutions. 

System Integration

Our team of engineers, project managers & site supervisors ensures success in both the design and installation of your new system. 

Supply Chain

Easily coordinate complex tasks and technologies throughout your operation with our reliable suite of supply chain software.

Robotics Integration

Automate repetitive actions and increase workflow accuracy with robotic systems we spec and design. 



Commission your own unique material handling equipment, engineered to fit your exact manufacturing, warehousing or distribution tasks.


We offer full-service machine integration, networking, and custom-built control panels.

Customer Service
& Support

Access dedicated support 24/7 for mission critical operations.


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