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Flexible and Durable B2B Distribution Solutions

The wholesale industry holds a unique position between producers and retailers that comes with its own set of challenges including disruptions in supplier networks, changes in consumer buying habits, and warehouse labor shortages while business-to-business (B2B) commerce is at the core, dropshipping directly to consumers has also been on the rise.

Staying competitive means being strategic and nimble. Bastian Solutions uses its resources and experience to help wholesale and B2B companies increase their visibility, identify automation opportunity, and build in efficiency and flexibility to adjust to market changes. From detailed consultations to planning, execution, and ongoing system support, Bastian Solutions will support you from beginning to end.

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Industry Challenges

Consumer buying habits require the wholesale industry to adapt and pivot when needed but industry challenges stretch beyond to:

  • Shipping variances – to fulfillment centers or dropship to consumers
  • High pick volumes
  • Combination of individual product and case picking
  • Labor scarcities
  • Physically large facilities
  • Transportation costs between facilities
Pallet Conveyor reduces forklift traffic


Before considering expansion, automation or software changes, it’s helpful to identify and understand your operation’s unique details. You may think about your:

  • Product storage needs
  • Size of the overall facility
  • Product location and general movement
  • Volumes of case versus individual product piece picking
  • Value added services such as price ticketing, personalized literature or other customizations
Manual Order Picking Zones


Bastian Solutions offers several services and technologies that are suitable for very high-volume industries. We provide core technologies such as:

Sortation Conveyor


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