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Automated Storage and Retrieval Systems (ASRS or AS/RS) thrive in applications where high volumes of inventory move in-and-out of manufacturing or distribution operations. Upgrading to an automated storage system improves throughput and efficiency with reliable, secure storage that eliminates damage to products and equipment while providing safer, more ergonomic working conditions.

Bastian Solutions experts have designed and integrated automated storage solutions across a variety of industries and product handling needs. With this expertise, they can assess your operational needs, business objectives and technology options to identify a right-sized automated solution to reliably and effectively handle the complexities of moving and storing payloads in your facility. From large, heavy pallet storage to smaller, lightweight goods, or custom features that accommodate unique requirements, our experts work with you to integrate the appropriate level of flexibility and functions to support current labor availability, security of goods, throughput and efficiency, and maximize your vertical space for reduced facility expansion costs.


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Automated Storage & Retrieval Systems

AS/RS Benefits

Often selected for its dynamic functionality, efficient use of space, and improved work environments, these technologies can integrate with other automation technologies and warehouse software for even greater efficiencies. Other benefits include:

  • Increase throughput and efficiency with various storage configurations, transport mechanisms, and horizontal and vertical speed options
  • High density storage makes the most of available footprint and maximizes vertical space
  • Accurate, real-time inventory data eliminates the need for physical inventory inspections
  • Eliminate damaged or missing inventory with secure storage and improved picking processes
  • Inventory storage security with secure enclosures and real-time inventory control
  • Reduce travel between operations for improved order cycle time
  • Turnkey or custom solutions providing a right-fit solution for your operation
  • Ease of installation and maintenance with modular design and built-in diagnostics
  • Accommodate environmentally challenging scenarios (e.g., seismic regions or freezer-rated needs)
  • Integrate into larger systems to further streamline operations and improve workspace ergonomics



Storing and retrieving products is time consuming and labor intensive work. Manually operated fork trucks can cause traffic, create hazards, and damage facility infrastructure. Walking back back and forth and lifting products onto shelves is difficult, repetitive, unengaging work that can lead to ergonomic issues. AS/RS systems introduce high-density storage options combined with automated retrieval for improved ergonomics, accuracy, and efficiencies. Various options offer different configurations and technologies.  

Large Loads

These AS/RS are typically used in warehouses, distribution centers, or manufacturing facilities with high pallet load handling requirements, especially where storage density is critical and it is difficult to maintain manual labor. Often used to transport pallets, gaylords, bulk containers, or large loads like automobile or boat frames. 


Unit Load AS/RS


Pallet Shuttle AS/RS

Small and Mid-Sized Loads

Often used in picking applications where there is a high number of mid-range moving small-to-medium-sized SKUs, mini load AS/RS utilize boxes, bins, cartons or totes to safely transport products. These systems consist of aisle-based storage and retrieval machines (SRM) or cranes and static racks or shelves.

Mini load AS/RS

Mini Load AS/RS

Lightweight Goods

For faster-moving product SKUs, lightweight goods ASRS options like goods to person, shuttle or robotic technologies are an optimal solution. Smaller goods or products can be stored individually in small totes or bins and these systems can be used to bring storage and picking processes together where they can run simultaneously. Vertical lift modules (VLMs) and industrial carousels are often used for slower-moving items. Applications include spare parts storage, kitting or part assembly, order fulfillment, and more.


Goods to Person


Shuttles & Racking


VLMs & Industrial Carousels

Custom Applications

Unique challenges require custom automation. Whether it’s irregularly shaped loads, precise or delicate handling,  maneuverability with tight tolerances or extreme environments, custom AS/RS solutions can help address your precise handling needs.


Custom Automated Storage Solutions


When evaluating various warehouse automation options, its important to consider factors that impact the size, extensibility and function of your new automated storage and retrieval solution. Some of these may include:  

  • Facility structure, available footprint and vertical space
  • Product details - bulk or parts storage needs
  • Order sequencing or buffer needs
  • Throughput needs
  • Labor availability
  • Extreme conditions – clean room environment, quality control, refrigeration, freezer, seismic concerns

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