Packing & Shipping Automation Solutions

Automated Packing & Shipping for Efficient Outbound Handling

Pressures for faster order delivery increase daily, making it even more important to integrate packing and shipping systems that you feel confident about and can rely on during seasonal peaks. An efficient and accurate process will give your organization a competitive edge. Packing and shipping aren’t one size fits all. Bastian Solutions consultants can execute engineering studies and review your QA & QC needs to identify areas of throughput improvement as well as considerations as you grow.

Whether it’s right-size automation solutions with on-demand packaging, pallet building, adding dunnage, or identifying the best shipping logistics using existing data and forecasts, we can help. We can leverage packaging automation, custom conveyor configurations and robotic packing technologies to automate where it’s most appropriate and support value-added services that don’t disrupt operations. In-line technology like weigh scales and scanners makes it easier to make packing adjustment decisions quickly without diverting products off the line. Warehouse execution system software gains you process visibility and the necessary data to optimize operations of the distribution center. Receiving a package as expected and on time creates customer loyalty for years to come.


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Packing and shipping involves a lot of logistical considerations and with that comes some challenges:    

  • Labor availability
  • Material usage and cost
  • Efficient and accurate final inspections, QA & QC 
  • Missed or incorrect document insertion 
  • Correct package labeling 
  • Efficient dunnage use  
  • Visibility of operations and inventory 
  • Shipment rates and forecasting – dim-weight, shipping and transportation costs  
  • Environmental impact – lowering CO2 and dunnage needs with efficient shipping and packing
  • Customer satisfaction with container size, shipping speed and received products 


Considering your distribution center processes, as well as current and forecasted throughput data, will help identify the optimal packing and shipping solutions. Considerations may include:  

  • Software support and capabilities  
  • Quality goals and requirements (QA & QC) 
  • Value-added service needs 
  • Throughput goals and seasonal customer demand peaks  
  • Shipping logistics and requirements 

Essential Technologies

beverage distribution software control station

Warehouse Execution Systems

Complete inventory visibility whether you’re fulfilling direct-to-customer orders, full pallets for your retail stores or drop shipments.


In-line Scales

Make adjustment decisions quickly with timely reports from in-line weighing and classifying.



Essential to automation, conveyors bring confidence and efficiency in the transportation of items to their destination.


Sortation Conveyor

Increase the accuracy and speed of sorting products and shipments to where they need to go.

Robotic automated document inserter

Robotic Packing

Maximize throughput with robotic solutions that can pick and pack single or multiple items to one or more cases per cycle with the highest precision.


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