Custom Material Handling Designed for Aerospace Innovation

The unique challenges of the aerospace industry call for equally innovative solutions. Together, with you, we work to develop evidence-based systems that support the research, development, and manufacturing of the latest flight vehicle components.

From material handling to whole unit aviation part logistics, and domestic and global shipping, we review current processes and develop the needed tailored approaches. Bastian Solutions is a one-stop shop that will support your project from start to finish. We use automation to optimize labor and lower costs for our clients using data-backed, custom-engineered designs and technology that rise above standard equipment and keep operational safety top of mind. We analyze, design and develop to meet your needs. Our solutions are created to adapt and factor in future business strategy pivots and growth. This includes accommodations to meet both commercial and government requirements.

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aerospace manufacturing custom assembly platform

Aerospace Projects

rendering of ASRS crane custom automated storage

The Boeing Company

asrs crane on a rail

Roark Custom Fabrication & Engineering

Aerospace Manufacturing Solutions

Industry Challenges

The aerospace industry often works with the newest machinery and technology to propel innovation. Specifically, the industry manages challenges like:

  • Domestic and International shipments
  • Custom specifications and parts
  • High shipping and transportation costs
  • Delicate parts with tight tolerances
  • Commercial and government contracts with varying requirements and security protocols
  • Extreme Environments (Clean rooms, freezers, auto claves)
    • Seismic Certification capabilities
Custom Test Platform


To best support science and engineering endeavors, consider your:

  • Storage needs
  • Production location and sourcing
  • Delivery intricacies
  • Handling of raw material
  • Custom needs throughout the manufacturing process
  • Ergonomic handling
Build Platform Lift


Our custom-designed equipment is used by all of the big 3 engine manufacturers. Bastian Solutions’ brand-agnostic philosophy means we can apply necessary creativity to meet your specific engine and airframe manufacturing needs:

Custom vertical lift module


  • The Boeing Company
  • Orbital ATK (now Northrop Grumman)
  • Pratt & Whitney (now Ratheon)
  • Rolls Royce
Engine fan stator assembly


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