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Modernizing Order Fulfillment

Goods-to-person, also known as GTP, solutions are a modern method of order fulfillment that combines automated storage and retrieval with accurate, ergonomic picking processes. Lightweight or small products are stored within the system and automatically transported directly to the operator as needed for picking, eliminating wasteful walk time and offering accurate inventory and pick data. GTP is easily integrated with picking technologies like software, pick to light or AI-powered robotic piece picking for a fully automated order fulfillment solution.

Goods to person technologies are easily scalable to match growing demand or an increase in SKUs. These systems allow for an impressive increase in efficiency and accuracy of the picking process. Workstation screens display exactly which item the operator needs to pick. This eliminates order errors that are often a challenge in high-speed and high-demand environments commonly found in ecommerce, microfulfillment and omnichannel operations to improve overall customer experience.

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GTP Benefits & Considerations


Often selected for its dynamic functionality, efficient use of space, and improved work environments, these technologies can integrate with other automation technologies and warehouse software for even greater efficiencies. Other benefits include:

  • Increase operational uptime, lights-out 24/7 operations
  • Eliminate order errors
  • Ergonomic operator picking workstations
  • Optimize space utilization for a small footprint and flexible layout
  • High-density, consolidated storage
  • Monitor orders, robots and inventory in real-time
  • Warehouse software integration
  • Easily increase capacity by adding robots, modules or workstations with little to no downtime

As you explore various goods to person technologies and system automation configurations, consider the following:

  • Current and desired throughput rates
  • Peak season needs
  • Facility space and layout
  • Floor slab integrity (ex. flatness, condition, thickness)
  • Automation technology and system integration
  • Business growth and future objectives


Picking of small or lightweight products is time consuming and can require frequent back and forth walking and carrying, between storage racking and workstations. Goods to person automation introduces high-density storage options combined with automated retrieval for improved ergonomics, accuracy, and efficiencies. Various options offer different configurations and technologies.  

Grid-Based Storage

Grid-based storage, also referred to as cube-based storage, utilizes a uniquely recognizable framework. This features a high-density structure that maximizes use of vertical space and storage capacity for various products, usually stored in movable totes or bins, and robots that manipulate and transport them to the workstations.



Shuttles & Racking

Utilizing shuttles, racking and workstations, this solution is often leveraged for manufacturing, buffering and delivery products. The shuttles can move across levels and aisles, moving totes, trays or cartons.


Perfect Pick


Vanderlande ADAPTO

Servus-goods-to-person-automated-shuttle storage system



Kardex Compact Buffer 

Autonomous Vehicles

Consisting of shelving and autonomous vehicles, goods to person solutions using AMRs (autonomous mobile robots) are arguably the most flexible and redeployable options available. These mobile systems can easily integrate with existing infrastructure and can move cartons, boxes or bins, making them useful for inbound receiving, storage, or outbound order picking applications.

Caja Robotics

Caja Robotics

Scallog goods to person order fulfillment



Tompkins tSort

Crane- and Carousel-Based Solutions

Aimed to maximize overhead space, crane- and carousel-based solutions generally have a narrow footprint but maximize storage density by utilizing vertical space. Mini-load ASRS incorporate storage retrieval machines (SRM) or cranes and static racks or shelves to automate storage for totes, bins, boxes and other small loads. Vertical lift modules (VLMs) and vertical carousels are used to store small to medium sized parts and products.


Mini Load AS/RS


Vertical Lift Modules (VLMs)
& Vertical Carousels

Fully Automated Order Picking & Fulfillment

Goods to Robot Piece Picking

Goods to person systems can be easily paired with AI-powered industrial robots, takeaway conveyors and warehouse software for a fully automated order fulfillment solution. Custom EoAT (end of arm tools) allow for accommodation of a variety of product sizes, shapes and textures.

Whether you’re facing warehouse labor availability challenges or increasing consumer demand for next-day order fulfillment, Bastian Solutions SmartPick™ piece picking robots provide reliable, 24/7 performance that reduces labor costs and provides a fast ROI.


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Goods to person solutions are applicable to a broad array of industries, for everything from pharmaceutical to industrial small parts or ecommerce retail. As you explore options, consider applications where the following needs may need to be met.   

  • High-density storage
  • Fast-running SKUs
  • Small pick quantities
  • Distribution operations
  • Flexibility for expansion or changing requirements

Grocery Store & Retail Micro-fulfillment

A need for faster fulfillment, replenishment and delivery of grocery and retail goods to consumers, has meant a shift in focus to now accommodating curbside pick-up and same-day delivery. Goods to person and micro-fulfillment strategies seek to minimize time, cost, create labor efficiency, and improve customer satisfaction.

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Ecommerce Retail

Increased online ordering and quick customer access is driving brick-and-mortar stores and industries to increase their ecommerce capabilities. Goods to person systems can help provide an answer to industry challenges that come with ecommerce operations.

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