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With rising costs of labor, a need for safe working environments, and maintaining operations with the latest cutting-edge technology, automated palletizing equipment and systems are smart options to increase accuracy, reliability and efficiency. Palletizing equipment is available suit a variety of pallet styles, product types, build patterns and applications, as well as multiple infeed and discharge layouts to fit your requirements.

Bastian Solutions engineers are experts in automating palletizing operations using both robotic and conventional palletizer systems. With the ability to provide highly customized strategies, implement advanced technologies, and take a consultative approach to working together, Bastian Solutions is your partner for palletizing solutions. 

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Automated Palletizing

Features & Benefits

  • High system reliability and superior up-time increases overall throughput
  • Improves ergonomic conditions and reduces operating costs by handling heavy lifting and repetitive movements
  • Seamless integration is flexible and scalable with business growth
  • Interfaces with upstream and downstream equipment for fully automated operations
  • Increase the density, stability, and accuracy of pallet loads with proprietary StackOrder™ and StackOrder GO™ pallet pattern software
  • Precise and safe handling for an array of products including cases, totes, bags, trays, tier sheets, buckets, bins, batteries, and oddly shaped or heavy items

Palletizing Technologies

No matter the product or build pattern, we offer a variety of conventional and robotic palletizing technologies and ancillary equipment to build you a reliable automated solution. Additional options allow for integration with other automated systems for a more complete offering.

Robotic Palletizing & Depalletizing

Robots can be used to palletize and depalletize a variety of products and materials consisting of different shapes, sizes, weights and materials. This includes case, layer, bag and mixed SKU handling, in addition to custom options.


Robotic Palletizing


Robotic Depalletizing

Conventional Palletizing Machines

Depending upon the palletizer, many different technologies could be employed to help you build the perfect pallet. The creativity of our designs enables you to reduce installation costs, start-up costs, and reduce your lead time so your new palletizer can be up and running quickly.


Low Level Case Palletizers


Bulk Depalletizer


Gantry Palletizing

Ancillary Palletizing & Pallet Handling Equipment

For a fully automated palletizing system, we offer a range of ancillary equipment to handle everything from dispensing pallets and slip sheets to stretch wrapping. 


Automated Case Flow for Mixed Palletizing


Pallet Dispenser & Stacker


Case Lift

Transfer & Shuttle Car

Pallet Turn Tables

Pop Up Transfer​


Pallet Conveyor


Stretch Wrapper


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