3rd Party Logistics (3PL)

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Fluctuating market demands, varied investment needs, adjusting to different market clients, and operational scalability makes Third Party Logistics (3PL) unique in nature and the need for cross-functional solutions even more vital. Bastian Solutions uses our industry knowledge to give you the guidance and expert experience you need to plan, implement, and automate while factoring in future dynamic growth.

Finding the right solutions to help you achieve your goals starts with thoroughly analyzing your current operations. Our brand-agnostic philosophy means we evaluate technologies based on their ability to meet your needs and adapt to your future goals, without bias. The result is an efficient, responsive operation that gets products to the customers faster, elevating your 3PL capabilities for your clients.


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Industry Challenges

Facing varying client needs and rapidly growing demand, 3PLs need to address specific challenges:

  • Multi-use sites for various clients and products
  • Product (SKU) variability in type, quantity and demand flow
  • Labor scarcity
  • Short and long-term contracts
  • Increasing demand in ecommerce and omni-channel fulfillment
  • Overall rapid growth and client company changes

Considerations & Solutions

To refine and streamline your capabilities it can be helpful to consider:

  • The level of system flexibility and where in the fulfillment process it’s needed
  • Contract option needs and impact on logistic needs
  • Operation growth and seasonal changes
  • Investment costs levels for warehouse space, logistics operations, labor, technology

Bastian Solutions can help address your current and future needs through data-driven system designs that incorporate flexible and scalable technologies to make the most of changing 3PL operations:




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