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3rd Party Logistics (3PL)

Fast, accurate, and economical logistics solutions

More than ever, your customers rely on you to provide fast, reliable, and economical third-party logistics solutions that help them stay competitive and keep customers happy. Bastian Solutions has extensive experience creating distribution and fulfillment solutions that will meet your and your clients' needs while providing a satisfying ROI, including:

  • Automated order fulfillment and warehousing
  • E-commerce integration and support
  • Inventory management

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What We Do

Managing multiple distribution centers and maintaining accurate inventory for hundreds of contracted customers can be challenging. You need a smarter, faster, more accurate order fulfillment system that gives you complete visibility to your operations. Bastian Solutions is a leader in implementing world-class automated material handling systems for third-party logistics facilities. In fact, we have even developed patented software, conveyor, robotics and IoT products that can help you exceed your customer satisfaction goals.

Who We Serve

Bastian Solutions serves a diverse customer base from startup 3PLs to third-party logistics fulfillment for large retail chains. Regardless of size and throughput needs, our experienced team of supply chain consultants and design engineers can help you analyze your operations and develop and implement an optimized facility. Our goal is to help you achieve the speed, accuracy and visibility needed to better serve your customers.

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