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In modern warehouses there are many systems that need to communicate with each other for operations to run smoothly. This is especially true for facilities that use any degree of automation – conveyance and sortation pick to light, robotic picking and palletizing, or goods to person systems. Exacta intralogistics software supports Bastian Solutions systems by acting as an essential interface between automation, operators and other processes. Exacta is modular and scalable, meaning it can grow and adapt alongside your operations. It is designed to plug and play with our standard solutions to quickly integrate material handling automation or develop enterprise level programs that improve the whole system with our turnkey offerings. 

When total warehouse synchronization is needed our experts carefully design, analyze and implement a WES (warehouse execution system) that ensures a seamless integration for maximum productivity gains. Pulling from years of experiences in a variety of industries, our team can help you reduce inefficiencies, streamline communication, gain visibility and adapt to future needs with an Exacta WES.


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Exacta® System Integration Scope

Exacta intralogistics software is a core component of our turnkey material handling solutions, connecting host systems and material handling automation to create a seamless, scalable system that gives users control over their operations. 


bastian-solutions-Software-Render-Wayfinding-number_1Host Interface – Robust integration supports any host system.
bastian-solutions-Software-Render-Wayfinding-number_2Exacta WES – Synchronize automation with other warehouse processes.
bastian-solutions-Software-Render-Wayfinding-number_3Trailer Unloading – Unload trucks with manual or autonomous vehicles.
bastian-solutions-Software-Render-Wayfinding-number_4Robotic Depalletizing – Unload incoming pallets for downstream storage.
bastian-solutions-Software-Render-Wayfinding-number_5Conveyor Control – Transport, sort and accumulate cases and pallets. bastian-solutions-Software-Render-Wayfinding-number_6AS/RS – Organize, store and buffer large, heavy loads.
bastian-solutions-Software-Render-Wayfinding-number_7GTP – Organize and store lightweight goods for order fulfillment.
bastian-solutions-Software-Render-Wayfinding-number_8Robotic Bin Picking – Autonomously pick orders with Bastian Solutions SmartPick™. bastian-solutions-Software-Render-Wayfinding-number_9Pick Module – Pick and replenish products for order fulfillment operations.
bastian-solutions-Software-Render-Wayfinding-number_10Mobile Picking – Pick products from various locations to fulfill orders.
bastian-solutions-Software-Render-Wayfinding-number_11AGVs & AMRs – Transport goods with flexibility around existing infrastructure. bastian-solutions-Software-Render-Wayfinding-number_12Packing & Shipping – Prepare orders with manual and automated processes.
bastian-solutions-Software-Render-Wayfinding-number_13Robotic Palletizing – Load outbound pallets for shipment. bastian-solutions-Software-Render-Wayfinding-number_14Trailer Loading – Load trucks with manual or autonomous vehicles.  



Exacta® Software

A one-size-fits-all approach to warehouse intralogistics software could leave productivity gains on the table and restrict the extensibility of your operations. The Exacta software suite is designed with the flexibility to integrate many different technologies into a complete solution for your business needs.

  • Supports Bastian Solutions system integrations.
  • Real-time reporting to increase visibility of warehouse operations.
  • Single point of communication between the host WMS and any material handling solution.
  • Hardware-agnostic, modular design supports a wide variety of material handling automation.
  • Seamlessly integrate new automation without major changes to the host system.
  • Robust and user-friendly user interfaces.
  • Standard offerings for faster implementation.
  • Turnkey solutions to handle custom and complex systems.


Turnkey Solutions

Warehouse Execution System

A key component of Bastian Solutions’ highly automated systems, Exacta WES integrates with order fulfillment solutions, automated storage systems, conveyance and sortation, robotic fleets, autonomous vehicles, and picking technologies, providing a single point of communication to and from the host system to promote operational efficiency.


Warehouse Control System

By coordinating multiple types of material handling equipment such as conveyor, AS/RS (automated storage and retrieval system) and PTL (pick to light), Exacta WCS optimizes material flow within a facility and provides real-time visibility to the entire system.


Beverage Distribution Software

Built for beverage distribution, Exacta BEV enables the integration of conveyor systems, advanced automated storage systems and other material handling solutions and increases picking efficiency and load quality with intelligent wave-building tools.



Standard Solutions


Conveyor and Order Routing Software

Quickly implement conveyor solutions with standard software to manage pick routing, sortation, in-line scales and print & apply, fulfilling orders with fewer touches and greater efficiency.

Goods to Person System Software

Improve speed, accuracy, and storage utilization with a GTP (goods to person) system for ecommerce and micro-fulfillment applications. Standard interfaces provide a robust integration to the host WMS.




User Interface Solutions

Pick Module User Interface Software

Touch screen interface that intelligently directs operators to pick from or put to GTP systems while keeping track of inventory in real time.

Mobile Device User Interface Software

Intuitive, web-based and device-agnostic platform built to support operations around GTP systems, picking, put walls and more on mobile devices.

System Manager User Interface Software

Web-based application that provides a single point of reference for the entire Exacta-powered system with administrative utilities, business intelligence dashboards and reporting tools.




Support & Training

Exacta software customers get direct access to educational materials and full support from technical specialists to ensure your system is operating at its best well beyond installation. Exacta software support includes:

  • Operational Continuity – Immediate access to a knowledgeable after sales support staff to quickly resolve software related issues and maintain system up time.
  • Software Backup – Our source code is sent to an offsite facility for software escrowing and safe keeping in the event of a major catastrophe.
  • Expertise on Third-Party Components – Access to additional Bastian Solutions resources in controls, networking, server configuration, database administration and other third-party components.


As a Microsoft partner, Bastian Solutions has demonstrated a "best-in-class" ability and commitment to meet Microsoft Corp. customers' evolving needs in today's dynamic business environment and distinguishing itself within the top 1 percent of Microsoft's partner ecosystem. 



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