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Make the Brains of Your Systems Smart, Modular and Adaptable

Dramatically reduce warehouse inefficiencies with software solutions that provides visibility and puts you in control of your operation. Whether you need a general warehouse management, or an industry-specific solution, a complete software integration solution, or just a way to coordinate diverse material handling systems in your facility, we’ll get you up and running. We can implement our Exacta® intralogistics software suite as a complete solution, or separate components, combine it with other software brands and scale it up as your company grows.


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Exacta® Software Solutions


Warehouse Control System

Gain visibility and access to system status updates for improved coordination and efficiency in your material handling equipment and automation.

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Warehouse Execution System

WES balances automation, order fulfillment, and workflow providing the necessary business intelligence to promote operational efficiency.

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Beverage Distribution Software

Designed for the beverage industry, ExactaBev brings intelligent routing for maximum picking efficiency, adds flexibility in order fulfillment, and automated integration with conveyor systems.

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Intelligent Conveyor Routing

Leverage conveyor system functionality with software that manages zone and sortation routing and provides real-time information, so it performs at its maximum throughput.

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Customer Support

Attain direct access to technical specialists for full support and quick resolutions to ensure your system is operating at its best well beyond installation.

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As an independent integrator, we offer complete, scalable warehouse software solutions that can also be implemented as separate components.


The Exacta intralogistics software suite can interface with other systems as well as be implemented as a complete solution to your business needs.


As a result, Exacta reduces inefficiencies in the warehouse and the need for you to have additional resources to monitor and support additional applications.




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