Order Fulfillment: Picking, Packing & Shipping Solutions

Improve Customer Experience with the Right Order Fulfillment Systems & Software

At the core of order fulfillment is accurate and on-time order delivery. Customer satisfaction can be increased with added branding and packaging inserts that feature discount codes or personalized “thank you” notes but incorrect or delayed orders have a lasting impact. Having worked with a variety of company sizes across the globe, Bastian Solutions experts know first-hand the right technology can create a strong order fulfillment foundation that can scale as needed.

Regular evaluations of existing operations can help identify opportunity for improvement in order accuracy, productivity, automation and more effectively prepare for future growth. Our consultants review your current and past data to cultivate optimal technologies and make the best use of your facility footprint. As independent integrators, we can select cost-effective technology, equipment and software to support your team and your overall picking and packing operations.  


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goods to person order fulfillment AutoStore workstation


Order fulfillment is central to the distribution process, and as such, has a lot of moving steps. Some of the challenges involved with picking and packing include:

  • Space efficiency
  • Operator learning curve
  • Inaccuracies in order picking
  • Repetitive movements and ergonomic concerns
  • Labor scarcity and increased costs
  • Unnecessary product handling and inefficient product movement
  • Inventory tracking
  • Routing products for kitting and prepacking
  • Peak season distribution

Developing a consistent order fulfillment process that can tolerate seasonal fluctuations will help you stay competitive and result in strong customer loyalty. Bastian Solutions consulting services can help assess pain points, find opportunities and make strategic recommendations. In-depth data analysis, engineering studies, surveys and concept simulations ensure that you receive your maximum return on investment and hit your company goals.



Whether you’re integrating automated systems to an existing operation or planning a new facility, our team will work with you to achieve your end goals of high productivity and a streamlined person to goods and goods to person workflow. As you consider a process review for updates or expansion, consider the following areas of your operation:

  • Facility footprint and available space
  • Software integration (WMS, WCS, WES)
  • Product movement and SKUs
  • On-site storage needs
  • Ergonomic picking and packing

Essential Technologies

software control station for warehouse system

Warehouse Software Systems

Add visibility to your operations with scalable management and control system software.

woman at AutoStore workstation order fulfillment

Goods to Person

Combine automated storage with accurate, ergonomic picking processes.


Mini Load ASRS

Store small parts in less space with faster performance and a variety of load handling methods.

robotic sortation with Tompkins Robotics t-Sort


Increase efficiency and improve working conditions with reliable product and material transportation.

woman order picking with scanner and headset

Order Picking Technologies

Generate higher throughput and lower costs with a variety of picking options: pick modules, pick to light, voice picking and more.

cross belt sortation conveyor

Conveyor Systems

Support accuracy and on-time delivery with improved product and material flow.


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