Service. Respect. Innovation.

Here at Bastian Solutions, we pride ourselves on our commitment to people. Collaboration and integrity are of the utmost importance – with an emphasis on customer service, respect, and innovation. We are committed to providing all of our teammates with opportunities to learn, grow and make an impact, both here as well as in their communities.

Mission Statement

We are a trusted supply chain integration partner committed to providing our clients a competitive advantage by designing and delivering world-class distribution and production solutions.

Our people are the foundation of this commitment. Our collaborative culture promotes integrity, inclusion, and innovation providing opportunities to learn, grow, and make an impact.


Core Values


Safety First

Quality Second. Production and Installation Third.


Integrity Matters

Do the right thing above all.


Customer Focused

Build lasting partnerships through teamwork, collaboration and trust.


Think Big

Foster innovation and ingenuity.


Be Open

Embrace the diversity of ideas, cultures and people.


Keep Growing

Pursue learning, development and continuous improvement.


Diversity, Equity & Inclusion 

Bastian Solutions is committed to identifying opportunities to demonstrate support for diversity, equity, and inclusion within our company and in our communities.

Message from Aaron Jones, President of Bastian Solutions:

“Diversity, equity and inclusion is the backbone of our mission statement and core values at Bastian Solutions. As we stress the need to “Be Open” and promote diverse ideas, cultures and people, it allows us to “Think Big” and foster innovation, which is critical to our success. Our customer focused approach allows us to provide our clients a distinct advantage with unparalleled creativity. In understanding and embracing the unique opinions and perspectives of our employees, we are better positioned to understand the unique demands of our clients; creating lasting partnerships that grow and persevere over time. I am both honored and humbled to be part of a corporate culture that exudes such high levels of integrity built upon the premise of equity and inclusion as the foundation of our principles.”

A large group of Bastian Solutions’ employees divided into four Employee Resource Groups (ERGs), who make up our Diversity, Equity and Inclusion (DEI) team. Each group is doing actionable work to promote diversity within our company and our communities:

DEI_logo-150px   Talent Acquisition ERG: Supports the Bastian Solutions Human Resources team with sourcing and outreach initiatives to build our diverse team.
Community/Education Outreach ERG: Focuses on education in our local schools supporting STEM activities, mentoring, and classroom support.
Learning & Development ERG: Promotes diversity and inclusion awareness and training to all Bastian Solutions employees.
Engagement ERG: Identifies opportunities for Bastian Solutions employees to be involved in diversity and inclusion activities.


Women in Tech

women-in-tech-logo-150pxFounded by employees in 2018, Bastian Solutions' Women in Technologyis a professional group for female employees that provides networking, training, and resources to empower women in STEM fields.

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Community Involvement

We also believe in giving back to our communities across the globe. Each year, our company takes a day off from work to partner with well-known non-profit organizations to give back to our neighbors. Each employee is also given an additional day off per year to volunteer for a cause that matters to them. 

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Company Events

While our mission is to deliver world-class distribution and production solutions, we understand that life should not be solely focused on work. Whether it’s a corporate culture award or a tinfoil boat race, our events and celebrations are always fun, and a great way to continue expanding professional networks.

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