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Expertly Engineered Products and Quality Manufacturing 

To create and innovate world-class distribution and production solutions that make an impact, Bastian Solutions' collaborative culture pursues continuous learning, development and ingenuity. As a material handling integrator, our experts work with a variety of technologies, brands and industries giving us and our customers a unique viewpoint on the best possible solutions for distribution and production needs.

Accomplishing productivity gains and long-term quality and reliability for our customers requires a strong commitment to excellence, customer experience and satisfaction. To help meet that, Bastian Solutions’ dedicated facilities provide nearly unlimited capabilities in design and manufacturing. We can present Bastian Solutions designed and engineered turnkey products, custom-tailored options that meet unique needs and requirements, and ground-breaking solutions that address market needs.


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Bastian-solutions-fast-radius-3d-printed-robotic-shuttle-R_D-projectBastian Solutions R&D concept robot shown. Not in production.

“In our business it’s innovate or die. It sounds brutal but I really feel like you’re either moving forward and using technology and automation and innovation to get better or you’re going backwards. We really think of [Bastian Solutions] as an extension of the organization because without them we fail.” – Bob Philion, President & CEO PUMA North America

Enhanced Product Designs


Building on standard turnkey offerings, we apply proven methods and the latest technologies and materials for product designs that provide our customers easy integration, flexibility to pair or expand with various solutions, and systems that support a broad range of products. We are capable of supplying all the services and equipment you need to both get your system up and running and maintain it.

Standard | Turnkey Products



Bastian Solutions designs, engineers and manufactures best-in-class conveyor and ancillary conveyor equipment to help industry leading customers exceed their system’s throughput goals while reducing operational costs. 

bastian solutions industrial controls


Bastian Solutions’ controls services and offerings bring you open, non-proprietary solutions that are custom designed for specific system sizes and functions. The modular design architectures make reconfigurations and future growth quick and easy. 

bastian solutions robotic solutions & services


Our industrial robotic solutions offer a flexible, high performance approach. From packing and order processing, palletizing and depalletizing, machine loading and unloading, industrial robotic systems introduce speed, accuracy and efficiency. 

bastian solutions exacta warehouse intralogistics software


Bastian Solutions’ Exacta® software suite is a hardware-agnostic, modular solution that connects material handling automation and provides insights to the entire integrated system. 


Autonomous Vehicles

Bastian Solutions' AV products introduce a pathway to increased productivity by safely transporting payloads throughout manufacturing and warehouse facilities.

Specialty | Custom Products

Custom Automation


Unique requirements call for equally tailored solutions. Whatever challenges your current manufacturing, warehousing or distribution operation faces, overcome them with custom automation. When your situation demands a sustainable and enterprise-level one-of-a-kind solution, our experts bring you the unparalleled experience and resources to design, fabricate and install it. Working together with our customers we can design systems that scale for future network and operation expansion.


Groundbreaking Solutions

Operating in a collaborative environment, our experts develop leading solutions for advanced manufacturing and sophisticated distribution center applications, but they also look beyond current solutions to new techniques, materials, future needs and ways to improve on today’s offerings.


R&D Innovation

An incubator for Bastian Solutions and Toyota Advanced Logistics’ newest distribution and manufacturing material handling solutions, our Research & Development division brings new innovations to market for Toyota and its subsidiaries and customers.

Our R&D work builds on experiences with a variety of industries and clients, like streamlining manufacturing in aerospace with the latest material handling technology and leveraging new trends in ecommerce through harnessing the power of artificial intelligence in our comprehensive Bastian Solutions SmartPick™ piece picking solution. With an eye on market changes and foresight into the evolution of the industry, our experts identify additional opportunities to meet the needs of operations in the near and distant future by creating technologies that lead the future of material handling solutions, like our ULTRA BLUE® robotic truck loader.

Whether its designing and engineering more user-friendly controls hardware to give our customers better maintenance access and less downtime, to bringing to life one-of-a-kind order fulfillment machines that take the next step to improve work environments and efficiencies for smarter processes, Bastian Solutions has cultivated an atmosphere of out-of-the-box thinking to feed our proven solutions.


Expertly Crafted, World-Class Manufacturing

From project management and design through manufacturing and controls, we have dedicated facilities that fabricate, manufacture, assemble and test solutions. Our machining equipment and capabilities include standard offerings like certified welding, machining cells, industrial paint and powder coating, wiring and control panel builds, and thorough testing.

  • Finite element analysis is used for projects with large structural loads or precise handling requirements. We can test them virtually for the proper strength, rigidity or flexibility when loaded prior to final execution. This helps to reduce risks and confirm the overall capabilities.
  • FAT (Factory Acceptance Testing) is performed prior to installation. At this point, the customer can see their system set up and tested with their products to help ensure a smooth start-up.
  • PoC (Proof of Concept) helps to mitigate risks early by verifying the functionality and key components of a design prior to commencing a full project. 

Production Quality

Once your system is designed with the help of our expert team, our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is the epicenter for creating and assembling your system.

As a Toyota company, our manufacturing process adopted the Toyota Production System (TPS) approach to help improve manufacturing process efficiency and ROI. TPS is based on the philosophies of Jidoka loosely translated to "intelligent automation that creates value" and the Just-in-Time concept for fast, efficient, continuous flow production. Kaizen, meaning “continuous improvement,” application within the TPS approach empowers individual team members to identify areas for improvement and suggest immediate, yet practical solutions.

Our process particularly rests on a foundation of waste reduction techniques known as the 5Ss – Sort, Systematize, Shine, Standardize and Sustain. Toyota’s commonly used approach is one of the core reasons we continue to be successful, year after year. Each practice in 5S, when repeated and applied continuously, help to enhance our production efficiency and the quality of our products and activity.


Before shipping, every product goes through our advanced quality assurance process to ensure worry-free on-site assembly. Our expert parts and support team are available to support for maximum uptime.

Through our proven processes and lean manufacturing principles we achieve:

  • Superior fit and finish quality
  • Cost-efficient processes
  • Extensive testing of each system
  • Comprehensive quality control methodology
  • Exceptional efficiency for short lead times
  • Metric based continuous improvement process


ISO Certification

PRG-ISO-9000-2015-logo-solo PRI_Programs_Registrar_Certified_ISO9001_4c

We use state-of-the-art manufacturing techniques and strict quality control metrics to ensure robustness as well as superior fit and finish. By demonstrating excellence for standardization and quality assurance in our manufacturing process and for our commitment to customer experience and satisfaction, Bastian Solutions’ conveyor, custom automation, autonomous vehicles and industrial robotics facilities have achieved ISO 9001:2015 certification. Bastian Solutions’ custom automation division has also achieved ISO 14001:2015 certification.

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