Why should you consider a career at Bastian Solutions?

We offer challenging positions where you will learn and grow as a professional and be given ownership over your role and tasks – even on day one. Collaboration, respect, and integrity are the heart of our day-to-day activities. Our managers have an open-door policy – because here at Bastian Solutions, we strive to practice the words and actions we use to describe ourselves.

Do you want to work in a rapidly growing industry that relies on innovative technology, providing real-world solutions that make an impact?


Advanced Technology

At Bastian Solutions, we work with and develop cutting-edge technology and software that helps people everywhere get the things they need to live better and easier lives.

Whether it's automated storage and retrieval systems, collaborative robots working alongside humans to fill orders, or software that coordinates all of the activities within a warehouse, our employees get to learn about, implement, and even design some of the most innovative technology around.




A Growing Industry


Supply chain integration is a growing industry. Innovation lies in our core values, which means we are continually looking for new ways to become industry leaders.

As ecommerce continues to grow and customers expect faster delivery and more convenient retail options, supply chain professionals around the world will continue develop systems and new technologies to meet these demands. 

  • The U.S. Supply Chain employs 44 million people, accounting for 37% of all jobs. These jobs have higher than average wages and account for a large portion of innovation in the economy - Harvard Business Review
  • Supply chain jobs are increasing at twice the rate of all other jobs in the U.S., a trend reflected across the globe - U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics 
  • Supply chain management offers an average of 25.5% career growth over 10 years - CNN Money


In 2017, Bastian Solutions was acquired by Toyota Advanced Logistics, a subsidiary of Japan-based Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO). Together, we are dedicated to earning a position as our client's trusted business partner and helping them grow in order to achieve TICO's vision of being the number one logistics solutions provider in the world.



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