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In The News: Supply chain company Bastian Solutions opens new facility for St. Louis-based robotics division

Jul 20, 2023
St. Louis Business Journal covers Bastian Solutions opening a new facility to house its robotics division in St. Louis.

Bastian Solutions Updates Robotics Facility in St. Louis, Mo.

Jun 12, 2023
Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, has relocated to an expanded facility to better accommodate the company’s rapidly growing robotics division in St. Louis, Mo.

Bastian Solutions to Open New Manufacturing Facility in Karnataka

May 30, 2023
Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, is excited to announce the upcoming opening of its new manufacturing facility just outside Bangalore, Karnataka. The site, expected to be fully operational by October 2023, marks Bastian’s first manufacturing facility in India.

Bastian Solutions Awarded Gold in the 2023 Edison Awards

Apr 21, 2023
Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, is excited to announce it has been named a gold winner in the 2023 Edison Awards. The company is being honored in the Enhanced Automation category for its Bastian Solutions SmartPick™.

Bastian Solutions Leader Named as a 2023 Pros to Know

Mar 30, 2023
Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, is pleased to announce Ron Daggett, Senior Vice President, Technology and Engineering has been named as a winner of the Supply & Demand Chain Executive 2023 Pros to Know award.

In the News: BlueBotics to demonstrate AGV/AMR interoperability and help companies build the business case for mobile robotics at ProMAT 2023

Mar 15, 2023
A leader in autonomous navigation, BlueBotics will demonstrate interoperability through a multi-brand AGV/AMR fleet demo and host an expert seminar to help companies build the business case for mobile robotics.

Bastian Solutions to Unveil Newest Innovation and More at ProMat 2023

Mar 07, 2023
Bastian Solutions will host an in-booth press conference at ProMat 2023 on Monday, March 20 at 10:30 a.m. CT that will feature a product launch.

Bastian Solutions' Autonomous Vehicles Facility Receives ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Feb 07, 2023
Bastian Solutions is proud to have received ISO 9001:2015 accreditation for its autonomous vehicles facility in Georgetown, Kentucky, demonstrating the company’s ongoing commitment to quality.

Bastian Solutions Unveils Plans for New Corporate Campus in Noblesville, Indiana

Jan 24, 2023
Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, is pleased to announce it is planning a new state-of-the-art corporate campus in Noblesville, Indiana.

Bastian Solutions Receives Unprecedented Fourth Workplace Honor

Oct 10, 2022
Bastian Solutions is excited to announce the honor of an additional top workplace award, making a total of four for the company this year. The company has been awarded with the Best Companies to Work for in Texas by the Texas Association of Business.

Bastian Solutions SmartPick™ to Debut at PACK EXPO

Sep 22, 2022
Bastian Solutions will debut the Bastian Solutions SmartPick™ robotic piece picking solution during this years’ PACK EXPO International.

In the News: Robotics 24/7 Webcast - Robotics Accelerates Retail Digitization

Aug 31, 2022
In this free webcast, industry experts discuss how both online and traditional retailers can take advantage of automation as peak season approaches. They also discuss the importance of collecting and analyzing data to provide timely and actionable insights.
the industrial lens podcast

Interview: The Industrial Lens Podcast

Aug 30, 2022
Joe and Eric of The Industrial Lens interview Michael Marcum (General Manager—Autonomous Vehicles) and Jared Sanders (Operations Manager—Autonomous Vehicles) of Bastian Solutions.
Duluth trading company distribution center

Duluth Trading Company to Open New Fulfillment Center in Georgia

Aug 17, 2022
Workwear retailer to open new fulfillment facility in 2023

Bastian Solutions Awarded Several 2022 Workplace Honors

Jun 27, 2022
Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, is excited to announce they have been honored with several top workplace awards this year. Three of their offices have been named including, ‘Best Place to Work’ in Indiana and Kentucky and a ‘Top Workplace’ in St. Louis, Mo.

In the News: Faster Retail Order Fulfillment and Room To Grow With Advanced Warehouse Automation and AutoStore

May 13, 2022
Looking to decrease order cycle time and increase reach to the east coast, PUMA turned to long-time partner Bastian Solutions to help plan, strategize and integrate a new facility and automated warehouse system in Indianapolis, Indiana.

In the News: Metro Supply Chain’s highly automated Bolton facility is now full upon signing customer agreements

May 09, 2022
Metro Supply Chain has filled its 285,000-square-foot, state-of-the-art distribution centre in Bolton, Ontario upon completing customer agreements. The fit out of the highly automated facility is on track, with first customer shipments expected in December 2022.

In the News: Warehousing Automation on overdrive as new wave of E-Commerce takes flight

Apr 14, 2022
INDIA — Reliably fast delivery is one of the essential needs in e-commerce. Before making final buying decisions, consumers will always consider delivery times. Automated solutions like AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles) and AMRs (Autonomous Mobile Robots) have seen the most significant boost to store and move products to and from fulfilment workstations, solving labour challenges and ensuring the safety of the workers,” says SPS Chauhan, Director – Asia & Middle East, Bastian Solutions.

In the News: Crocs implements Skyfall pouch sorter solution for high precision and flexibility

Apr 07, 2022
DAYTON —The project involves expanding the existing Crocs distribution centre by more than 70,000m2 (230,000ft2) and is taking place under the direction of Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company. In the first phase, the Skyfall system will be equipped with 33,500 pouches that act as a dynamic, constantly rotating circulating buffer as a result of Ferag’s new U-turn switch. Commissioning is planned in several stages up to August 2022.

Aaron Jones Named President & CEO of Bastian Solutions

Mar 18, 2022
Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, is pleased to announce Aaron Jones will be promoted from President to President & CEO effective April 1, 2022.

In the News: High Tech Company Goes Next Level with Innovative Automation

Mar 11, 2022
GREENFIELD — High-tech, advanced automation is not replacing jobs. Businesses that develop automotive software and systems are in fact creating opportunities for new workers within the industry and the companies they develop automotive products for. As featured in Daily Reporter.

In the News: Innovative Warehouse with Latin America's Largest AutoStore

Mar 09, 2022
EXTREMA, MG, BRAZIL – With a spirit for innovation and customer satisfaction, Dafiti Group has created a warehouse that can support an increasingly convenient shopping experience for customers across Latin America. Their new facility – LEAP, located in Extrema, MG, Brazil occupies an area of 54,000 square meters (581,251 square feet) and houses an innovative automation system that has the capacity for 3.6 million products which it can process at a rate of 4,800 products per hour.

In the News: The Food Supply Chain: Standing tall amidst the chaos

Jan 17, 2022
The food supply chain has evolved significantly from how it used to operate earlier. The difficult time brought up by the pandemic has pushed the Indian agro-food chain to adapt to a much more organised and resilient way of working as consumer behaviour and buying patterns took a 360 degree turn. ​

In the News: Skyfall pouch sorter as perfect solution for Crocs distribution centre

Dec 07, 2021
With its highly efficient pouch sorter system, Ferag AG is helping to automate logistics processes and handle e-commerce orders at shoe manufacturer Crocs in Dayton, Ohio (USA), which also successfully operates on the European market. The extensive project involves expanding the existing distribution centre by over 70,000 square metres and is taking place under the direction of Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, contracted by the Swiss company for many years. In the first ph​

Bastian Solutions Continues Tradition with Salvation Army, Adopts 100 Angels

Dec 03, 2021
Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, and the Salvation Army are teaming up for the third year to help Indianapolis families in need. Monday, December 6 will wrap this year’s efforts – the company worked through the month of November to finalize volunteer scheduling for Box Day and gathering gift items for the 200 Angels adopted for the season.

In the News: Metro to automate existing DCs

Nov 23, 2021
Metro Supply Chain is spending more than $100 million to install automated systems in several of its fulfillment facilities.

In the News: Sailing through supply chain complexities

Nov 10, 2021
E-commerce which gained prominence during lockdown has forced organisations to modernise supply chain networks. Automation is okay, but how is the million-dollar question, says SPS Chauhan, Director for Asia & Middle East, Bastian Solutions.

RH Brown has Joined Bastian Solutions and Toyota Industries, Offering Regional Support and Advanced Automation for Pacific Northwest

Nov 08, 2021
Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, is excited to announce that R.H. Brown Company, a fourth-generation family-owned material handling solution provider is the newest Toyota member company.

GEODIS Collaborates with Bastian Solutions on New Fulfillment Site to Deliver Highest AutoStore Throughput Globally

Oct 11, 2021
Global leading transport and logistics provider GEODIS today announced a partnership with Bastian Solutions to implement an AutoStore system into a new fulfillment site for a leading clothing retailer. The $48 million material handling equipment deal will deliver the highest throughput documented of an AutoStore system globally to support the retailer’s omnichannel capabilities, including e-Commerce and its more than 1,000 stores across the United States.

In the News: Conventional Warehouse Tune Up

Oct 11, 2021
Well-defined processes, clean data, a little automation and a skilled workforce deliver that needed spark to conventional warehouses.

In the News: Stretching Pick-to-light

Oct 11, 2021
Pick-to-light systems as a user interface have evolved, and the incarnations leverage the core speed and accuracy of traditional light guidance and may also reduce infrastructure barriers of traditional pick-to-light modules or put-to-light systems.

Where technology and collaboration meet: PUMA builds synergy through trusted results with Bastian, AutoStore and advanced automation

Sep 28, 2021
In the age of ecommerce woes, next-day shipping struggles and unprecidented demand, PUMA shocked competitors with a state of the art, fully automated distribution center (DC) – one that didn’t so much as blink at the term “COVID-19”.

In the News: For MRO remote is more than just a concept

Jul 15, 2021
Covid was a catalyst and advanced technology the enabler that made remote MRO training and support a force to be reckoned with. And not just until the danger of Covid passes. Remote MRO is here to stay. ​

Crocs Selects Bastian Solutions for New Automated DC in Ohio

Jun 22, 2021
Dayton, OH – Innovative casual footwear company Crocs, Inc. (NASDAQ: CROX) has partnered with Bastian Solutions for a new storage facility and fulfillment center in the Dayton, Ohio area. The new facility – called “Saltwater” – will support Crocs’ current and anticipated growth throughout North America and, upon completion, will become one of the most automated facilities in the region.

In the News: Palletizing: 4 trends that boost flexibility

Jun 15, 2021
Automated palletizing systems are proven solutions, and they are becoming more flexible in accommodating different SKUs and tasks. Vendors are giving operations plenty of choice, putting more emphasis on software capabilities and ease of use.

In the News: Outsourcing CAD engineering

May 14, 2021
Over the past year, few industries have witnessed demand skyrocket like material handling and logistics. The pandemic forced a shift in shopping habits and challenged an already thriving industry into satisfying the sudden boom in demand from online shopping and home delivery. Amazon alone hired more than 100,000 new workers in 2020 to beef up its operations. The typical ebb and flow quickly turned into flow and even more flow.

In the News: Day 4 of ProMatDX | Is micro-fulfillment the future of grocery?

Apr 15, 2021
To learn more about the state of micro-fulfillment today, I spoke to three system providers working in this space: Knapp, Bastian Solutions and AutoStore. Of course, they aren’t the only three: Swisslog and Dematic, who I spoke to for Monday’s newsletter, are also playing in this space. And there are others.

In the News: Toyota Material Handling introduces new automated line

Apr 14, 2021
Toyota Material Handling is introducing a line of automatic guided vehicles (AGVs) that includes two automatic guided carts (AGCs), center-controlled rider and a core tow tractor automatic guided forklifts this week at ProMatDX. Toyota will also be previewing its latest future addition to its automated lineup—a three-wheel electric automated forklift.

In the News: Bastian Solutions showcases robotic picking systems powered by AI

Apr 14, 2021
At ProMatDX, Bastian Solutions is displaying its AI-powered robotic systems that allow robots to see, reason and act to unknown inputs and produce desired outputs.

In the News: ProMatDX 2021: How to build a successful last-leg fulfillment operation

Apr 13, 2021
Finding a well-planned strategy backed by data is key to creating a competitive last-leg fulfillment operation, systems integrator explains during ProMatDX seminar.

In the News: 60 Seconds with Michael Romano

Apr 13, 2021
Michael Romano Title: Chief executive officer, Bastian Solutions; CEO Toyota Advanced Logistics Solutions North America Location: Indianapolis, Ind. Experience: More than 40 years in the materials handling industry.

In the News: H Mart partners with AutoStore and Bastian Solutions to deploy automated micro-fulfillment center

Mar 31, 2021
H Mart, an Asian-American specialty grocer, has partnered with AutoStore, the Norwegian robotics technology company, in collaboration with Bastian Solutions, to introduce a fully automated micro-fulfillment center to support H Mart’s online grocery operations in Carlstadt, New Jersey.

In the News: BOOMING BASTIAN: Demand driving plant to nearly double its workforce

Mar 29, 2021
GREENFIELD — Their clients are businesses that know what they need done. They just don’t quite know how to do it. “When you can’t buy something out of a catalog, we design and build it from scratch for our customers,” said Riley Buttry, general manager of custom automation for Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company in Greenfield. “A lot of times, what they’re asking us to do has not been done before.”

Bastian Solutions Showcasing Robotic Bin Picking with AI and More at ProMatDX

Mar 25, 2021
INDIANAPOLIS – Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, will be showcasing numerous products and seminars during this years’ virtual ProMatDX trade show, April 12-16, 2021.

In the News: Robotics Roundtable Discussion | A look into the future of robotics

Mar 23, 2021
Where does the robotics industry stand today? Which technologies are attracting the most user interest? What does the future hold with respect to new innovations and applications? To get some answers, we asked leading experts from companies participating in DC Velocity's new Robotics & AutomationDX showcase. Here's what they had to say.

In the News: Material handling company to add 400 new workers to keep pace with demand

Mar 16, 2021
Though the pandemic slowed customer buying habits in its early days due to uncertainty, for Bastian Solutions, it came back with a vengeance in the last quarter of the year.

Bastian Solutions Nominated as Best Place to Work in Kentucky

Mar 11, 2021
“We are very excited to have been nominated as a Best Place to Work in Kentucky. This honor highlights that the culture we have worked so hard to build and maintain is strong and healthy, despite external pressures from COVID-19,” said Aaron Jones, president of Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company.

Bastian Solutions' Robotics Manufacturing Facility Receives ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Mar 09, 2021
Bastian Solutions has received ISO 9001:2015 accreditation for its robotic manufacturing facility in St. Louis, Missouri, demonstrating the company’s ongoing commitment to quality.

In the News: Indiana business has 400 open jobs

Mar 04, 2021
An Indiana business is desperately searching for employees and has hundreds of open jobs for Hoosiers. The pandemic is causing Bastian Solutions business to boom, but the search for workers is slower than expected. The Indiana Department of Workforce Development said December’s unemployment rate was 4.3%. That rate is way down from 16.9% in April, but higher than March of 2020 by about 1%. Now Bastian Solutions said they have part of the solution, with around 400 open jobs.

Bastian Solutions Announces Retirement of CEO, Mike Romano

Feb 02, 2021
Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, announced today the retirement of CEO, Michael Romano. Romano, a 40-year industry veteran, also served as President/CEO of Toyota Advanced Logistics North America (TALNA) and was a member of the TALNA and Bastian Solutions Board of Directors.

In the News: Data capture takes on processes, people and assets

Jan 12, 2021
Best known for its ability to identify and track inventory, data capture technologies of all types are being swept into a far more powerful information web. The idea is to use the technology to improve processes through improved deployment of people and assets.

Bastian Solutions and Scallog Align to Deliver Mobile Goods to Person Solution in North America

Jan 06, 2021
Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, is excited to announce the addition of Scallog’s mobile order fulfillment system to the company’s ever-growing portfolio of automation capabilities. As an independent integrator, this relationship supports Bastian Solutions' commitment to providing clients with optimal systems that not only meet but exceed operational goals.

Join Bastian Solutions at the New PACK EXPO Connects Virtual Event

Oct 15, 2020
Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, will host a virtual showcase during Pack Expo Connects, a new, re-imagined version of PMMI’s annual Pack Expo, cancelled this year due to pandemic circumstances.

Two Bastian Solutions Professionals Awarded as Leaders in SDCE's Women in Supply Chain

Sep 23, 2020
Nancy Hauer, Business Analyst Manager, and Sheila Dooley, Business Analyst, were nominated for the award by the companies’ internal Women in Tech group. Both women exemplify Bastian Solutions’ values and are strong leaders and mentors for their coworkers.

In the News: Pick-to-light's evolution

Sep 22, 2020
Pick-to-light remains a great picking technology, but it hasn’t remained the same. That is actually a good thing, as it’s evolving to become more flexible. Providers of light-directed solutions say the technology is no longer necessarily hardwired to shelf cubbies or used only for order picking. Light-directed solutions are also being paired with other technologies like wearable scanners—or can be augmented by voice.

Bastian Solutions Launches Webinar Series, Supply Chain Explained: LIVE

Aug 24, 2020
Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, is launching a new educational webinar series called Supply Chain Explained: LIVE. Following the release of their Supply Chain Explained video series, the company is expanding the effort to offer expert insights on supply chain operations to an audience across a wide spectrum of industries

In the News: Reducing COVID Risks with Robots

Aug 19, 2020
As factories come back on line and essential businesses that never went off line continue to face daily challenges of operating amidst a global pandemic, attention falls squarely on the health and safety of workers. The U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) lists distance between workers and contact with contaminated surfaces as distinct factors that impact workers’ risk for exposure to the novel coronavirus. Focusing on COVID-19 risks in the workplace has shed new light on th​

In the News: Interview: Aaron Jones of Bastian Solutions

Jul 13, 2020
In our continuing series of discussions with top supply-chain company executives, Aaron Jones of Bastian Solutions discusses the impact of the coronavirus, support for STEM education, and life as a systems integrator.

Bastian Solutions Opens New Advanced Technology Center in Georgetown, KY

Jun 23, 2020
Construction on the new 40,000 square-foot facility is complete, and Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, is ready to hit the ground running – supporting engineering and distribution of advanced material handling technologies such as autonomous vehicles.

Bastian Solutions named to Supply & Demand Chain Executive's 100 Top Supply Chain Projects for 2020

Jun 17, 2020
Supply & Demand Chain Executive has selected Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, as a recipient of a SDCE 100 Award for 2020

In the News: Palletizing for the digital age

Jun 11, 2020
For all the talk about e-commerce and the increased demand for piece picking, you’d think the pallet is so 1999. But in Modern’s last three surveys of pallet users, more than 90% of respondents indicated they were using the same or more pallets than the prior year. Yes, we’re shipping more parcels than ever before, but when it comes to getting product from Point A to Point B in truckload and less-than-truckload quantities, the pallet is still indispensable.

PUMA opens new fulfillment center in Whitestown, Indiana

Jun 03, 2020
Whitestown, Indiana, June 1, 2020 - Sports company PUMA has opened a new fulfillment center in Whitestown, Indiana, which will support the company’s growth ambitions in North America and sharply improve delivery times to its customers.

Bastian Solutions Named Indianapolis-Area Largest Engineering Firm

Apr 16, 2020
Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, has once again been named to the Indianapolis Business Journal’s list of Indianapolis-Area Largest Engineering Firms. The list, first published on April 13, features the region’s largest engineering firms based on local revenues. While this is not the company’s first appearance

Bastian Solutions Becomes Global Distributor of AutoStore

Apr 14, 2020
As a long-time distributor of AutoStore in North and South Americas, India, Australia and New Zealand, Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, has recently signed an agreement to become a global AutoStore integrator.

In the News: MODEX C-Suite Interview: Marvin Logan, VP of Consulting and Integration at Bastian Solutions

Mar 23, 2020
Ready to make a big splash in 2020? Bastian Solutions plans to stay on the inside track when it comes to the “next big thing” in material handling technology.

Bastian Solutions COVID-19 Update

Mar 18, 2020
Bastian Solutions COVID-19 Update

In the News: Bastian Solutions at MODEX 2020 - A Tour with DC Velocity

Mar 10, 2020
Bastian Solutions offers analytical consulting, engineering and design, simulation, project management, and installation services, while sourcing the best material handling equipment and automation technologies available. At MODEX, they are showcasing the AutoStore storage system combined with robotic picking.

Bastian Solutions is Exhibiting at MODEX 2020

Mar 06, 2020
Bastian Solutions is actively preparing for MODEX 2020 and invite you to visit our team of experts in booth 7811 to learn more about the latest in global material handling system technology!

Bastian Solutions to exhibit at Logistic Summit and Expo 2020

Mar 03, 2020
Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, will be attending one of Mexico’s largest logistics events this March – the Logistic Summit & Expo.

In the News: For warehouse robotics, the dock is the final frontier

Feb 28, 2020
A near full-employment economy is making it difficult to find warehouse help and driving more companies toward automated solutions that can ease the labor crunch and speed operations throughout the facility. Such solutions are becoming increasingly common for storing and retrieving inventory as well as picking and packing orders, but there's one area of the warehouse where automated equipment is still pretty scarce: the loading dock.

Bastian Solutions named a Best Place to Work in Indiana 2020

Feb 25, 2020
Selected from a two-part survey process, majorly voted on by the employees, Bastian Solutions made the list in the ‘large’ companies’ category. To be selected, nominees are evaluated on policies, practices and philosophies. Bastian Solutions prides itself on a philosophy of promoting integrity, inclusion and innovation, with their people being the foundation of these practices.

Bastian Solutions to present with DICK'S Sporting Goods at MODEX 2020

Feb 12, 2020
Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, returns to MODEX March 9-12, 2020. Located at booth 7811, the company will feature the latest in global material handling system technology and host a breakout session with DICK’S Sporting Goods, discussing omnichannel fulfillment.

In the News: Disruptors, Problem-Solvers, & Up-and-Comers: What to Expect at RILA/LINK 2020

Jan 31, 2020
Known as The Retail Supply Chain Conference, the 2020 Retail Industry Leaders Association’s (RILA) LINK show gathers leading retail players for an event that goes far beyond networking. The annual RILA/LINK conference will be held from Feb. 23-26, 2020, at the Gaylord Texan Resort, one of the premier conference centers in Dallas. Hundreds of exhibitors from around the globe will showcase the latest innovation, retail and supply chain solutions and expertise at the show. Among the big names t​

In the News: Retail Under Pressure

Jan 20, 2020
Whether they’re shopping in a store or online, customers still expect the goods to be on the shelves, but these days those “shelves” might be on a mobile device, a desktop computer, social media or in a brick-and-mortar store. To capture as many of these sales as possible, retailers have to give consumers a broad range of choices. Then, they have to be able to fulfill those orders as quickly as possible.​

Bastian Solutions returns to RILA LINK 2020

Jan 07, 2020
Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, will be exhibiting at the Retail Industry Leaders Association’s LINK 2020: The Retail Supply Chain Conference this February.

In the News: Cyber Monday sales on track to top $9 billion

Dec 03, 2019
A combination of harsh winter weather and the popularity of shopping via smartphone is helping

In the News: Tompkins Robotics, a Business Unit of Tompkins International, Partners with Bastian Solutions to Deliver Advanced Warehouse Automation Systems

Nov 20, 2019
Tompkins Robotics, a leading provider of flexible, scalable, portable, autonomous mobile robots (AMRs), has announced a strategic partnership with Bastian Solutions to expand delivery of its powerful t-Sort solution and product line to help clients improve efficiency and capacity in the warehouse.

Bastian Solutions Opens Houston Regional Office

Oct 29, 2019
While rapidly growing nationwide, Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, identified a need for a regional office in the Houston area.

In the News: Fulfillment at the Speed of Light

Oct 15, 2019
Mary Kay is one of the largest direct-selling companies in the world. After implementing supply chain software and a new light-directed picking system (Bastian Solutions), the company boosted hourly picking rates by 29% and maximized labor efficiency.

DL Summit To Feature Tour Of Hudson's Bay With Bastian Solutions

Oct 03, 2019
Join Best Buy’s Director of Innovation & Field Operations, Wes Whalberg, and Bastian Solutions Vice Presidents Greg Conner & Marvin Logan to learn more about the utilization of metro e-commerce centers at 11:15 a.m.

Bastian Solutions Joins Parcel Forum 19 Speaker Line-Up

Oct 02, 2019
Parcel Forum 19 begins Monday, October 28 at the Gaylord Texan in Dallas. During a robust line-up of presentations, Bastian Solutions will bring their expertise to the table on Wednesday, October 30 at 8 a.m., educating conference goers on the differences between in-house fulfillment versus third party logistics.

In the News: New DICK'S Facility in Conklin Processes 18,000 Orders a Day

Oct 02, 2019
Now that new technology has been phased in, the center completes 18,000 orders a day. And this number will only grow during the impending holiday season. Members of the DICK'S Sporting Goods team celebrated the grand opening of the e-commerce hub Tuesday morning.

In the News: Pro Voices: What Big Changes Are Coming to Logistics?

Aug 21, 2019
Building Indiana Business reached out to logistics experts from around the state to learn more about what changes they’re expecting the industry to experience over the next decade. Bastian Solutions' Marvin Logan responds.

In the News: For a fast supply chain, Target is betting on in-store fulfillment

Aug 09, 2019
It has often been more efficient to consolidate and ship from large distribution centers, but competitive pressures and the availability of physical space has encouraged many retailers to change the equation, Greg Conner, Vice President of Global Sales at Bastian Solutions, told Supply Chain Dive.

In the News: Materials Handling in Automotive Hits an Inflection Point

Jul 16, 2019
How is materials handling likely to change on assembly lines and at Tier 1 suppliers in the coming years? After speaking with several leading suppliers, changes in the technology used to build cars is on a slower track than the changes in technology offered in cars.

In the News: Reimagining The Future Of Manufacturing

Jul 03, 2019
To get to market faster, Bastian Solutions needed to make a better robotic arm, with as much in common with the human arm as possible, from the fingertips to the elbow. They needed a design that was entirely new, and additive manufacturing with Fast Radius made that possible.

In the News: The 'Holy Grail' of Robotic ASRS

Jun 26, 2019
Each Picking Mobile Robotics as one of the “Holy Grail’s” of Warehouse Automation. This week, we finally get to have a look at how this technology is evolving to perform the complex task of an efficient robotic unit/each pick on an autonomous mobile platform.

In the News: How's Your Mobile Data Device Maintenance?

Jun 20, 2019
Sometimes it’s just too easy to overlook scanners, printers, tablets and the like. The equipment is ruggedized and typically requires little attention. Maintenance is often an afterthought. But truly giving any of it too little attention can be costly.

In the News: Robotics Industry Insights

May 28, 2019
In the nation’s heartland, a smart robot decides in real-time how it will tackle a paint job where every single part is unique. Meanwhile, a robotic welder finds the seams on its own and welds an assembly it’s never seen before. Across the way in a warehouse, dozens of mobile robots nimbly fill orders with their own 3D printed hands, while in another part of the world, fleets of robots autonomously transport

In the News: Best Buy's online sales rise 14.5% in the first quarter

May 28, 2019
Best Buy Co. Inc. reported better-than-expected sales for its fiscal first quarter 2019, with U.S. online sales growing 14.5% over the comparable period last year and customers increasingly choosing to buy online and pick up in store. The retailer improved its shipping options thanks to logistics system integrator Bastian Solutions, coupled with AutoStore to overhaul its distribution centers.

In the News: Top 20 Worldwide Materials Handling System Suppliers in 2019

May 16, 2019
Modern Materials Handling’s 22nd-annual Top 20 Systems Suppliers list showcases the performance of companies that have spent the previous year working to help clients manage staggering change.

Interview: Fast Radius, Bastian Solutions & Hp Develop Robotic Materials Handler with Industrial Additive Manufacturing

May 13, 2019
3D Printing Industry spoke with Lou Rassey, CEO of Fast Radius, Hans Leidenfrost, Lead Robotics Design Engineer, Bastian Solutions, and Scott Schiller, Global Head of Market Development, HP, on the development of the robotic Shuttle System and embracing industrial additive manufacturing.

In the News: 3D-Printed Robot Merges Additive and Smart Manufacturing

May 08, 2019
Bastian Solutions worked with Fast Radius to create a shuttle system that uses additive manufacturing to design and construct a custom-designed modular robot system.

In the News: ProMat C-Suite Interview: Greg Conner, VP of Global Sales at Bastian Solutions

Apr 25, 2019
An interview with Bastian Solutions Vice President of Global Sales focusing on robotics, automated guided vehicles, artificial intelligence and the Internet of Things.

In the News: Bastian Solutions opens $8M manufacturing facility in Westfield

Apr 25, 2019
Bastian Solutions, owned by a subsidiary of Toyota's parent company, opened on Wednesday an $8 million, 90,000-square foot manufacturing facility in Westfield that is expected to bring 87 new jobs.

In the News: Adore Me Services: Small space, big automation

Apr 22, 2019
Anyone who has watched “Tiny House Hunters” knows that going small is one of the hottest trends in the real estate market. A similar trend is taking place in the distribution market, especially around e-fulfillment. While the typical DC featured in Modern Materials Handling is 500,000 square feet or more, retailers and e-tailers are looking at smaller footprints to get nearer to their customers.

In the News: Best Buy speeds fulfillment and delivery

Apr 22, 2019
Best Buy knew it needed to make some big changes if it was going to survive. It wanted to become more efficient, improve its supply chain and figure out how it could compete in a different way, Bass said.​

Bastian Solutions Celebrates Grand Opening of Advanced Manufacturing Center

Apr 17, 2019
Mayor Andy Cook, IEDC Executive Vice President of Business Development Jim Staton and Japanese Consulate General Naoki Ito joined leaders of Bastian Solutions and Toyota Advanced Logistics for a grand opening of the company’s new advanced manufacturing facility in Westfield, IN.

Bastian Solutions Announces Annual Scholarship in Honor of Bill Bastian Sr. and Bill Bastian II

Apr 10, 2019
The Bastian Family Scholarship will be given annually through the Material Handling Education Foundation to encourage future engineering leadership within the industry.

In the News: Robot Logistics at Bastian Solutions Aided by Fast Radius 3D Printing

Apr 09, 2019
Bastian Solutions, an Indiana-headquartered material handling division of Toyota Advanced Logistics, has launched a new robotic handler that features 3D printed parts. Developed in collaboration with Chicago-based advanced digital manufacturing company Fast Radius, 45% of the final bill-of-materials (BOM) for the Shuttle System robotic picker have been produced via additive manufacturing.

In the News: Bastian Solutions Launches New Robot Warehouse Picker with Parts Designed and Built Through Additive

Apr 08, 2019
Bastian Solutions debuted the Bastian Solutions Shuttle System, a robotic materials handler with unparalleled efficiency and flexibility made possible with parts designed and built through additive manufacturing.

Bastian Solutions Launches New Robot Warehouse Picker with Parts Designed and Built Through Additive Manufacturing

Apr 08, 2019
Bastian Solutions debuted, today, the company's own robotic shuttle system, a robot-equipped materials handler with unparalleled efficiency and flexibility made possible with parts designed and built through additive manufacturing.

Bastian Solutions Showcasing Its Latest Version of Goods-to-Robot Each Picking at ProMat

Mar 27, 2019
Bastian Solutions will showcase the latest version of its goods-to-robot each picking technology integrated with an order fulfillment system at ProMat booth S1603.

In the News: High-Tech Supply Chain Solutions

Mar 11, 2019
The manufacturing supply chain is increasingly benefiting from the industrial internet of things (IIoT). High-tech connected devices and systems, advanced data management platforms, and integrated MRO service offerings are improving supply-chain processes and outcomes from end to end.

In the News: How does Amazon India deliver packages in less than 24 hours? [Video]

Feb 05, 2019
Take a look inside Bastian Solutions client Amazon India and the order fulfillment system that allows them to deliver ecommerce packages in less than 24 hours.

In the News: Conveyors: A Method to the Maintenance

Jan 14, 2019
The latest technologies offer powerful ways to boost speed and accuracy in warehousing and distribution facilities, but in the face of e-commerce, the Amazon effect and fierce competition, the most important metric is uptime. As the circulatory system of a facility, conveyor systems are already playing a critical role in the transformation to “smart” operations.

In the News: Inventory Management in an On-Demand World

Jan 14, 2019
Inventory management in an on-demand world isn’t easy today, and it doesn’t seem poised to get much easier anytime soon. In fact, real tension exists between the brick-and-mortar side of the house and the e-commerce side.

In the News: Adore Me seeks to disrupt brick-and-mortar with robotic DC

Jan 10, 2019
Bastian Solutions client Adore Me has opened a 126,286-sq.-ft. distribution center in Secaucus, N.J. The startup automates order management in its center by combining two robotic technologies: AutoStore cube storage technology and Opex SureSort automated delivery sorting.

In the News: Grocery Fulfillment Goes High-Tech

Jan 08, 2019
Grocery retailers are taking a closer look at their order fulfillment strategies in the face of a growing consumer appetite for online grocery shopping, a situation that is piquing their interest in automated fulfillment solutions, robotics, and small-scale distribution centers designed to get products closer to customers.

Bill Bastian Sr. to Retire After More Than 63 Years in the Material Handling Industry

Dec 20, 2018
After a long, successful and notable career, Bill Bastian Sr., current employee and former owner and board member of Bastian Solutions, is announcing his retirement from the company at the age of 88.

Bastian Solutions Hosts Line-Off Event at New Advanced Manufacturing Facility

Dec 19, 2018
Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics company, hosted a line-off event at the company’s new advanced manufacturing facility located in Westfield, IN, just a short drive north of its corporate headquarters in Indianapolis. The event celebrated the first piece of ZiPline Conveyor fabricated at the new location.

In the News: 2019 Trend Watch - Livin' in the Future

Nov 26, 2018
Though the use of futuristic technologies such as drones and augmented reality is on the horizon, most experts agree that the major trend in the year ahead will be the expanded use of more recently proven technologies—such as goods-to-person fulfillment systems—that can deliver the best return on investment (ROI).

In the News: Insight Into Smart Glasses in Warehouses and Distribution Centers

Nov 09, 2018
As consumers we constantly hear the hype about technologies like driverless cars and aerial delivery drones, but the reality is few of us have ridden in a fully autonomous vehicle or had a drone hover onto our porch with an e-commerce order. In the warehousing world, a similar dynamic is at play with smart glasses.
Bastian Solutions a Top 20 Systems Integrator

In the News: Parts Town Implements Innovative Automation to Support Growth

Sep 04, 2018
Historically, we talked about warehouses as being manual or highly automated. Manual warehouses are more flexible, they adapt much more easily to change. Highly automated warehouses have much higher throughput, but their cost and lack of flexibility can make them a risky investment.
AutoStore goods-to-person system robots

In the News: 4 Types of Autonomous Mobile Robots

Sep 04, 2018
Numerous types of autonomous robots are roving warehouses today, with one shared goal: drive efficiency and save labor costs.
Tampa, Florida

Bastian Solutions Continues Growth with Opening of New Regional Office in Florida

Aug 14, 2018
Bastian Solutions, a global material handling and robotics systems integrator, announced today the opening of its newest office in Tampa, FL. The expansion brings local support to better serve existing Bastian Solutions clients as well as the opportunity to assist new customers with their automation needs.
ULTRA robotic truck loader

In the News: Robotics on the Rise

Jun 26, 2018
The evolution of the warehouse and distribution center is causing a revolution in automated solutions for everything from picking to loading, as robotics R&D accelerates.
Reaching the Apex

Bastian Solutions Offering Consultations and Data Analysis in Inaugural Event

Jun 25, 2018
Three-day event combines education, site tours and one-on-one review of your data with a Bastian Solutions consultant.

In the News: Health Care Embraces E-commerce Trends

Jun 08, 2018
The universal pressures of cost, speed, accuracy and traceability can threaten the survival of any e-commerce business. The health care industry is looking to centralization, direct-to-consumer strategies, tracking and goods-to-person-technologies to meet these challenges.
Bastian Solutions and Peach State acquisition

Toyota Advanced Logistics North America and Bastian Solutions Announce Acquisition of Peach State Integrated Technologies

May 15, 2018
Bastian Solutions, an operating subsidiary of Toyota Advanced Logistics North America, has acquired Peach State Integrated Technologies.
Bastian Solutions a Top 20 Systems Integrator

In the News: Top 20 Material Handling System Suppliers in 2017

May 14, 2018
Across the globe, the industry achieved record-smashing growth.
Bastian Solutions a Top 20 Systems Integrator

In the News: AutoStore and the Rise of Flexible Automation

May 07, 2018
Historically, we talked about warehouses as being manual or highly automated. Manual warehouses are more flexible, they adapt much more easily to change. Highly automated warehouses have much higher throughput, but their cost and lack of flexibility can make them a risky investment.

In the News: Why smarts are central to Internet of Things in the warehouse

Apr 16, 2018
Internet of Things (IoT) connectivity is still early days in warehouses, though several suppliers are coming up with predictive modeling and analytics to optimize DC operations based on granular data from IoT or other data feeds
New Technology from Bastian Solutions

Bastian Solutions to Debut New Technologies and Present 2 Seminars at MODEX 2018

Mar 23, 2018
Attendees Can See Robotic Truck Loading, Augmented Reality Picking and More at Bastian Solutions’ Booth, B4169.
AutoStore robots

In the News: Off and Running

Mar 01, 2018
A consolidation and new automated storage equipment helped Puma North America add the speed it needs to meet escalating customer demands.
Bastian Solutions - 2018 BPTWIN

Bastian Solutions Named one of the Best Places to Work in Indiana

Feb 20, 2018
The Indiana Chamber of Commerce named global material handling systems integrator, Bastian Solutions, among its 2018 “Best Places to Work in Indiana.”
DICKS Sporting Goods and Bastian Solutions Teams

DICK'S Sporting Goods Celebrates Opening of New Distribution Center

Feb 01, 2018
(Conklin, NY, USA) – DICK’S Sporting Goods held a ribbon-cutting ceremony on January 25th in celebration of its newest distribution center built in Conklin, Ny.
Order Picking

In the News: Lift Truck Technology Connects Pickers to Productivity

Jan 23, 2018
Mobile, connected and critical to the movement of goods, the modern lift truck and picker are helping unlock the next level of productivity.
Conveyor for worker movement

Bastian Solutions integrates first denimove worker-rider conveyor in USA

Nov 01, 2017
Indianapolis, USA - Swiss system supplier Denipro AG, the developer and manufacturer of denimove modular belts, has begun a cooperative marketing effort in North America with material flow specialists Bastian Solutions based in Indianapolis, USA.
Westfield manufacturing facility press conference

In the News: 'Next Generation' Expansion in Westfield

Oct 17, 2017
A subsidiary of Japan-based Toyota Industries Corp. has unveiled plans to build a new manufacturing center in Westfield. Indianapolis-based Bastian Solutions LLC will invest more than $8 million to construct the 90,000-square-foot facility, creating up to 87 high-wage jobs by 2020.
Supply chain networkng planning

Starboard Corporation Joins Forces with Bastian Solutions' Consulting Group

Sep 20, 2017
The partnership combines Starboard’s powerful supply chain optimization software, utilizing gaming simulation technology, with Bastian Consulting’s expertise in logistics network analysis and design to provide customers with industry leading supply chain consulting services.
Ribbon cutting with DHL and Bastian

DHL Automates New Carrollton, Texas, Facility with Help from Bastian Solutions

Sep 13, 2017
Carrollton, TX – DHL, a global market leader in the logistics industry, opened a new parcel handling facility in Carrollton, TX, to improve the efficiency and service level of its supply chain network.​
Mobile robot from Bastian

In the News: Industrial Mobile Robot Safety Standards on the Forefront

Aug 31, 2017
Mobile robots are entering new territory usually reserved for humans and manned vehicles. In warehouses and distribution centers, to factory floors, and now laboratories and office spaces, we can expect to see these free-ranging robots in more scale.
Chris Morgan and team

In the News: A Passion For VR And Robotics

Aug 14, 2017
The IVRC recently had the pleasure of sitting down with Chris Morgan, a member of the executive team over at Bastian Solutions to learn more about his work in robotics, passion for VR/AR, and to get some of his thoughts around the VR/AR industry.
SGWS New York

In the News: Southern Glazer's Wine & Spirits Designed to Last

Jul 18, 2017
Some distribution centers are built with an expiration date in mind. Retailers, for instance, often think in terms of five years.
Zipline Conveyor at iHerb

In the News: Conveyor Systems Keep Products and Profit Flowing

Jul 14, 2017
Warehouse managers are becoming increasingly aware of the ways in which conveyors can make their facilities more efficient.
Bastian Solutions mobile robot

In the News: The Big Picture - Adaptability as King

Jul 07, 2017
It’s time to begin automating your warehouse to keep pace with business.
MMH Top 20 Systems Integrators

In the News: Top 20 Worldwide Materials Handling Systems Suppliers 2016

May 16, 2017
As evidenced at ProMat in early April, the industry is enjoying yet another strong year, spurred by customer demand for innovations that help them navigate a rapidly changing competitive landscape.
Mobile batch picking - Bastian Solutions

In the News: The changing landscape of mobility as seen at Automate and ProMat

May 12, 2017
Chicago's huge McCormick Place Conference Center was once again home to the Automate and ProMat trade shows.

In the News: How increased SKUs, smaller orders impact the evolution of AS/RS

May 10, 2017
As the influx of e-commerce continues to rattle traditional brick-and-mortar stores, so too does the rise in stock-keeping units (SKUs), smaller quantity orders, just-in-time demands and the need for optimal storage volume, speed, flexibility and scalability.
Join Us at Intralogistics Latin America

Bastian Solutions para exhibir en Intralogistics Latin America 2017

May 09, 2017
Después de 2 años de ausencia en las exposiciones de logística en Mexico, Bastian Solutions ha confirmado su participación en “Intralogistics Latin America 2017” el evento de logística & Manejo de materiales más importante en Mexico.
Winning team from LogistXGames 2017

In the News: LogistXGames aims to bring fun, attention to logistics industry

May 04, 2017
Packing, sorting and moving boxes around a warehouse is work—but add cheer squads, music and a competitive element, and you’ve got something else entirely.

Local Event Brings Attention to the Logistics Field in Central Indiana

Apr 20, 2017
April 27th marks the return of the LogistXGames to Central Indiana with 9 companies slated to test their logistics prowess and compete for the coveted Golden Pallet!
Zipline Shoe Sorter Conveyor

In the News: Sortation and order picking technologies on display at ProMat 2017

Apr 13, 2017
Bastian Solutions (Booth S3646) had a variety of order picking technologies on display at ProMat 2017 in Chicago, including mobile robotic order picking and augmented reality picking with vision-and voice-enabled wearable smart glasses for hands-free work.
Join us in booth S3646 at ProMat

Bastian Solutions Debuting Sortation and Order Picking Technologies at ProMat 2017

Mar 16, 2017
Chicago – Bastian Solutions, a global material handling and robotics systems integrator, will debut its latest innovations at ProMat 2017, April 3-6 in Chicago, booth S3646.
Bastian Consulting Opens in Mexico

Bastian Solutions Expands Consulting Services to Mexico

Mar 14, 2017
As demand for warehouse automation grows in Mexico, supply chain consultants are needed to design and validate these systems for maximum productivity and ROI.
J&J in MMH

In the News: Johnson & Johnson - A Vision for Automation

Feb 16, 2017
At first glance, you may not think a company like Johnson & Johnson Vision Care, which supplies eye care specialists with contact lenses and vision care products, would be concerned about disruption or competition from the likes of Amazon.
DCS System

In the News: A Razor-Sharp Strategy for Distribution

Feb 16, 2017
Dollar Shave Club, a company specializing in grooming and personal care products, saw a wide-open market opportunity in giving consumers an alternative to buying high-priced shaving products in stores.​
Tire Handling

Bastian Solutions Exhibiting at the 2017 Tire Technology Expo in Germany

Feb 08, 2017
Hannover, Germany (February 8, 2017) – Next week kicks off the seventeenth annual Tire Technology Expo at Deutsche Messe in Hannover, Germany. As part of the expo and conference--14-16 February--Bastian Solutions’ newly formed tire group will be exhibiting in stand 2024.
Toyota Industries Corporation

Toyota Industries Corporation (TICO) Creates New Advanced Logistics Solutions Division, Announces Acquisition of Bastian Solutions LLC

Feb 02, 2017
INDIANAPOLIS, IN — (February 2nd, 2017) — Toyota Industries Corporation (“TICO”) recognizes the changing dynamics in the North American material handling market related to e-commerce, labor cost and productivity requirements, which have created a permanent demand for new forms of logistics solutions, beyond forklifts.
RILA 2017 Conference

Bastian Solutions to Exhibit at the 2017 Retail Supply Chain Conference

Jan 27, 2017
Orlando, FL – Bastian Solutions, a global material handling and robotics systems integrator, will showcase order fulfillment technology at RILA’s 2017 Retail Supply Chain Conference, February 12-15 in Orlando, FL.
Bastian Automation Engineering Greenfield IN

Bastian Automation Engineering Receives ISO 9001:2015 Certification

Jan 11, 2017
January 11, 2017 (Greenfield, Ind.) – Bastian Automation Engineering, a manufacturing division of global material handling systems integrator, Bastian Solutions, announced today its ISO 9001:2015 certification.​

Bastian Solutions Expands Material Handling Services to Pennsylvania

Nov 17, 2016
Valley Forge, PA – Bastian Solutions, a global material handling systems integrator, announced today the opening of its newest office in Valley Forge, PA. The expansion brings local material handling support to existing Bastian Solutions clients as well as the opportunity to assist new customers with their automation needs.

CEMA Welcomes Bastian Solutions as Its Newest Manufacturing Member

Oct 03, 2016
The Conveyor Equipment Manufacturers Association (CEMA) has inducted Bastian Solutions as the organization’s newest manufacturing member effective September 19, 2016. The announcement was made at CEMA’s Fall Meeting in Chicago, Illinois.
Bastian Solutions Louisville Kentucky office

Bastian Solutions Kentucky Expands into Bowling Green

Sep 22, 2016
September 22, 2016 – Bastian Solutions, a global material handling systems integrator, announced today the addition of Codi Wilson to the Kentucky regional office. Wilson joins the team as a field application engineer located in Bowling Green and servicing the southern Kentucky and northern Tennessee regions.
Bastian Solutions booth

Bastian South America Exhibiting at Movimat Brazil, 20-22 September

Sep 07, 2016
September 7, 2016 – Bastian South America, a global material handling and robotics systems integrator, will exhibit at Movimat, an international exhibition featuring the latest trends and technology in the logistics industry. The show will take place 20-22 of September at Expo Center Norte at Pavilhao Branco in Sao Paulo, Brazil.
Tire material handling lift

Booming Tire Industry Fuels Formation of New Tire Handling Group at Bastian Solutions

Jul 26, 2016
Roger Wilke, Senior Field Application Engineer and tire handling system expert at Bastian Solutions promoted to Tire Group Manager.
CeMAT Australia 2016

Bastian Solutions to Showcase Order Fulfillment Technology at CeMAT Australia

Jul 06, 2016
July 6, 2016 (Melbourne) – Bastian Solutions, a global material handling systems integrator, will showcase several of the company’s latest technologies at stand D35 during the 2016 CeMAT intralogistics show in Melbourne, Australia.
J. Knipper New Distribution Center

Bastian Solutions to Provide New Distribution System for J. Knipper

May 10, 2016
The new system will be located in Charlestown, IN, providing J. Knipper access to 75% of the U.S. population with two-day ground service.
2016 Navy Robot Football Team

Bastian Solutions Proud Sponsor of Navy Robotic Football Team

May 05, 2016
May 5, 2016 – Closing out the 2015-2016 academic year, the U.S. Naval Academy Engineering and Weapons Division hosted its fourth annual Capstone Day on April 27th.
Bastian Solutions with Gov. Pence

Bastian Solutions Honored with Indiana Half Century Award

Apr 22, 2016
April 22, 2016 (Indianapolis, IN) – This week, Indiana Governor Mike Pence honored 25 companies with the Governor’s Century or Half Century Business Award in recognition of each company’s longevity and commitment to the community.
Europe Office

Bastian Solutions Expands Operations to Europe

Apr 21, 2016
April 21, 2016 – Bastian Solutions, a global material handling systems integrator, announced today the incorporation of Bastian Solutions Europe. The new office will lead business development, engineering, and support across projects in Western and Eastern Europe.
Inserting documents into shipping carton

Bastian Solutions Introduces New Robotic Document Inserter

Mar 31, 2016
The robotic system efficiently prints and inserts documents, while eliminating heavy maintenance requirements of conventional document inserters.

Bastian Solutions Launches New Beverage Software Suite, ExactaBev

Mar 28, 2016
March 28, 2016 – Bastian Solutions has launched a new beverage warehouse execution system, ExactaBev. The new web-based software suite offers best-in-class order fulfillment software specifically designed to serve beverage distributors.
Servus goods to person shuttle system

Bastian Solutions to Distribute Servus Technology in North America

Mar 21, 2016
Robotic shuttle system combines storage and transportation to create seamless product handling from receiving to shipping.

Marvin Logan Selected as a 2016 Supply & Demand Chain Executive Pro to Know

Feb 17, 2016
February 17, 2015 (Indianapolis, IN) – Supply & Demand Chain Executive magazine announced today its 16th annual listing of the Pros to Know in the supply chain industry. Marvin Logan, Director of Consulting at Bastian Solutions, was selected as a Provider Pros to Know award recipient.
Servus system

Bastian Solutions to Present Mobile Robotic Shuttles Seminar at MODEX 2016

Feb 08, 2016
Bastian Solutions will present a special seminar at MODEX 2016. The session titled, “Mobile Robotic Shuttles: Extending Beyond the Storage Buffer” will be held on April 4 from 2:15-3:00 in Theater H of the Georgia World Congress Center.
Vision guided robot

Bastian Solutions to Co-Host Webinar on December 9th Discussing Labor Optimization with Vision Guided Robotics

Nov 06, 2015
November 6, 2015 (Indianapolis, IN) -- Bastian Solutions is co-hosting a vision-guided robotics webinar with Vision Systems magazine on December 9, 2015.
AutoStore Robot

Bastian Solutions Expands AutoStore Distribution to Latin America, India, Australia and New Zealand

Nov 03, 2015
November 3, 2015 (Indianapolis, IN) – Bastian Solutions, a global material handling systems integrator, announced today the expansion of its AutoStore distribution territory. In addition to the U.S. and Canada, Bastian Solutions will now sell and integrate the AutoStore robotic goods-to-person system in Latin America, India, Australia, and New Zealand.
Materials Handling Middle East Show

Bastian Solutions to Participate at Materials Handling Middle East

Aug 24, 2015
August 24, 2015 (Dubai) – Bastian Solutions, a global material handling systems integrator, will participate at Materials Handling Middle East, in Dubai. During this trade show, the representatives of the company will meet with attendees to discuss material handling topics and answer questions related to their requirements / challenges. In addition, the company will promote its commitment in rolling out service offerings throughout the Middle East.
Zipline conveyor

Bastian Solutions Introduces New Online Conveyor Pricing Tool

Aug 10, 2015
Continued growth and competition in industrial ecommerce forces B2B e-tailers to be more than a store front.
Habitat House build

Habitat for Humanity Builds Three Homes with Help from Bastian Solutions

Jul 15, 2015
Employees from Bastian Solutions’ Indianapolis office assisted in framing, installation of windows and siding, as well as painting and deck construction.
bastian solutions at cemat south america

CeMAT Success in Sao Paulo, Brazil Last Week

Jul 09, 2015
Bastian Solutions exhibited at CeMAT South America in Sao Paulo, Brazil last week. The team experienced great success in meeting many new potential customers, industry partners, and local industry media. Bastian Solutions South America showcased work with various customers and material handling solutions as well as its engineering and consulting services.
bill bastian sr celebrates 60 years with bastian solutions

Bill Bastian Sr. Celebrates 60 Years with Bastian Solutions

Jun 09, 2015
June 9, 2015 (Indianapolis) – Nowadays, it is rare to find an individual who has devoted 60 years of service to one company, and done so with as much passion, kindness and honesty as Bill Bastian Sr., previous owner and president of Bastian Solutions. To this day, Mr. Bastian continues to mentor new employees and provide outstanding customer service to clients, several of which he has serviced for more than three decades.
future of material handling

The Future of Material Handling: An Interview with Aaron Jones

Jun 05, 2015
Aaron Jones, president of Bastian Solutions, was recently interviewed by Todd Schnick of IntrepidNOW regarding manufacturing automation in material handling. The podcast interview titled, “Aaron Jones: The Future of Material Handling,” explored the recent automation trends in the supply chain.
daifuku smartcart agv

Jervis B. Webb Company Welcomes Bastian Solutions as New Smartcart Automatic Guided Cart Value Added Reseller

Apr 29, 2015
Farmington Hills, Mich. (April 29, 2015) – Jervis B. Webb Company – a subsidiary of Daifuku North America Holding Company and leading provider of material handling solutions – announced today Bastian Solutions, will join its growing network of SmartCart® Automatic Guided Cart (AGC) Value Added Resellers (VARs). Bastian Solutions is headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana.

IBJ Releases 2015 List of Largest Indianapolis-Area Engineering Firms

Apr 28, 2015
April 28, 2015 (Indianapolis, IN) – Each April, the Indianapolis Business Journal (IBJ) releases its annual list of the Largest Indianapolis-Area Engineering Firms. Bastian Solutions is proud to report the company claimed the seventh spot on the list, its highest position since entering the list’s rankings in 2012.
mmh top 20 systems suppliers 2015

Modern Materials Handling Names Bastian Solutions to 2015 Top 20 Systems Suppliers List

Apr 16, 2015
April 16, 2015 - Bastian Solutions was featured in Modern Materials Handling magazine profiling the top 20 systems suppliers worldwide. According to Josh Bond, author and associate editor Modern Materials Handling, Bastian Solutions claimed the 19th spot.
mhi outstanding young professional award 2015

Greg Conner, Regional Director for Bastian Solutions, Selected as MHI Outstanding Young Professional

Mar 26, 2015
March 26, 2015 - Greg Conner, Regional Director for Bastian Solutions, was selected as MHI Outstanding Young Professional. Conner was recognized at the MHI 70th anniversary event on Wednesday, March 25, during ProMat Show.
Beverage Distribution Software

Bastian Solutions Acquires Forte Engineering

Mar 23, 2015
(March 23, 2015) – Bastian Solutions, a leading systems integrator, announced today the acquisition of Forte Engineering.
goods to robot system

Bastian Solutions Debuting Goods-to-Robot Picking System at ProMat 2015

Mar 18, 2015
Bastian Solutions, a global material handling systems integrator, is debuting a goods-to-robot e-fulfillment system at ProMat 2015, March 23-26. The system features a Fanuc M-20iA 6-axis robot, custom-designed end of arm tool (EoAT), and 3-D area sensor.
bastian solutions louisville office

Bastian Solutions Moves Louisville Office to New Location

Oct 20, 2014
Louisville, KY – Bastian Solutions (, a global material handling systems integrator, will move its software division and Louisville regional employees to a newly renovated office building on the east side of Louisville.
bastian solutions opens chicago office

Bastian Solutions Opens Chicago Regional Office

Sep 11, 2014
September 11, 2014 (Chicago) – Bastian Solutions (, headquartered in Indianapolis, Ind., opened its 15th U.S. office in Naperville, Ill., to service a growing number of customers in the Chicago region.
webinar series picking technologies improving order fulfillment

Bastian Solutions to Host a Free Webinar Series on Picking Technologies

Jun 02, 2014
The two-part webinar series will cover a variety of automated picking technologies helping companies improve their order fulfillment process and the market trends creating the need for increased efficiency.​
bastian employees build a tire obstacle

Hollis Adams Foundation to Host Charity Run with Help from Bastian Solutions

May 08, 2014
Employees from Bastian Solutions’ Indianapolis and Greenfield offices spent a day building obstacles and clearing a trail for the Mudder’s Day Run to benefit Hollis Adams Foundation.
aaron jones president

Bastian Solutions Announces New Company President

Nov 18, 2013
November 18, 2013 - Bastian Solutions, a global material handling systems integrator, announced today Aaron Jones, Vice President at Bastian Solutions, will replace Bill Bastian II as President effective January 1, 2014.
bastian solutions makes inc. 5000 list

Triple-Digit Growth Lands Bastian Solutions on the 2013 Inc. 5000

Aug 29, 2013
Aug. 29, 2013 – Bastian Solutions was named this week to the 2013 Inc. 5000, a listing of the 5,000 fastest-growing, private companies in the U.S. Bastian ranked 1,696 on the list with a three-year growth rate of 229 percent.
logistxgames 2013

LogistXGames Kicks off in Louisville Area

Aug 12, 2013
August 12, 2013 (Louisville, KY) – The first event for the seventh annual Louisville LogistXGames will be held August 15 in Jeffersontown, IN. The games were developed to showcase Louisville’s logistics companies, and holds competitions in other cities, inviting the winners back to Louisville for a final game to determine a winner.
indiana company to watch 2013

Bastian Automation Engineering Honored as One of the 2013 Indiana Companies to Watch

Aug 07, 2013
Aug. 7, 2013 (Greenfield, IN) - Bastian Automation Engineering has been recognized as one of the 2013 Indiana Companies to Watch, an awards program presented by the Indiana Economic Development Corporation, its Small Business Development Center, and the Edward Lowe Foundation.
indianapolis business journal

Bastian Solutions Honored Twice by Indianapolis Business Journal

Jul 19, 2013
Bastian Solutions and its custom engineering division, Bastian Automation Engineering, were named on two of the Indianapolis Business Journal’s Top 25 lists this year.
ncacp visits bastian automation engineering

Students from Local Career Center Visit Bastian Automation Engineering

Jun 14, 2013
June 14, 2013 (Greenfield, IN) – More than 80 students from New Castle Area Career Program (NCACP) visited Bastian Automation Engineering (BAE) to learn about the material handling automation industry and to tour BAE’s 50,000 square foot facility.
expo pack mexico 2013

Bastian Solutions to Exhibit at 2013 Expo Pack Tradeshow

Jun 12, 2013
June 12, 2013 (Mexico City, Mexico) - Bastian Solutions, a global material handling systems integrator will exhibit at Expo Pack in Mexico City, Mexico from June 18-21, 2013. As part of its exhibit, the company will demo a robotic picking cell featuring a M-1iA robot. This robotic technology provides significant improvements in accuracy and productivity in manufacturing environments.
seegrid robotic trucks logo

Bastian Solutions Partners with Seegrid to Offer Clients Flexible, Affordable Automation

May 07, 2013
May 7, 2013 – Bastian Solutions, a global material handling systems integrator, has partnered with Seegrid to distribute the company’s line of robotic industrial trucks.
autostore robot

Bastian Solutions Signs Distributor Agreement for AutoStore

May 02, 2013
May 2, 2013 – Bastian Solutions, a global material handling systems integrator, announced today a partnership with Jakob Hatteland Computer AS to distribute the company’s AutoStore system in North America.​
the 2013 bastian robotics volunteers

Bastian Robotics Volunteers at the 2013 FIRST World Championship

Apr 30, 2013
April 30, 2013 (St. Louis, MO) – More than 600 teams from around the world gathered at the Edward Jones Dome in St. Louis last week for the 2013 FIRST Championship, an event that brings together finalists from three separate robotics competitions including the FIRST Robotics Competition Championship, the FIRST Tech Challenge World Championship, and the FIRST LEGO League World Festival.
werc conference 2013

Bastian Solutions to Exhibit and Present at 2013 WERC Conference and Tradeshow

Apr 22, 2013
April 22, 2013 (Dallas, TX) – Bastian Solutions, a global material handling systems integrator and consulting firm, will exhibit and present at the 2013 WERC Conference and WIRE tradeshow in Dallas, Texas on April 28 through May 1. As an exhibitor at WIRE, the company will promote its supply chain consulting services, and during the conference, Marvin Logan—Director of Consulting Services at Bastian Solutions—will present Breakthrough Technologies in Distribution.
microsoft partner gold application development

Bastian Software Solutions to Exhibit Supply Chain Software at Convergence 2013

Mar 12, 2013
March 12, 2013 (New Orleans, LA) – Bastian Software Solutions, a developer of supply chain execution software, will exhibit at Microsoft’s annual Convergence Conference in New Orleans, Louisiana, March 18 – 21, 2013. As part of its exhibit, the company will demo two supply chain automation technologies: the Exacta pick to light application and an M-1iA robot. Both technologies provide significant improvements in accuracy and productivity in warehouse and manufacturing environments.
m 1ia series robot

Bastian Solutions to Exhibit Automation Technology at WestPack 2013

Feb 01, 2013
February 1, 2013 (Anaheim, CA) – Bastian Solutions, a leading integrator of material handling systems, will exhibit at the annual WestPack tradeshow in Anaheim, California, February 12 – 14, 2013. As part of its exhibit, the company will demo two automation technologies: an M-1iA robot and the Exacta pick to light application. Both technologies provide significant improvements in accuracy and productivity in warehouse and manufacturing environments.

Bastian Solutions at ProMat with OPEX

Jan 17, 2013
Bastian Solutions will be attending ProMat. We will be available to answer questions and showcase our conveyor in the Opex Perfect Pick booth (No. 619).
first control panel in progress

Bastian Solutions Opens UL-Certified Control Panel Build Shop

Dec 20, 2012
December 20, 2012 (Indianapolis, IN) – Bastian Solutions has announced the opening of a new control panel build shop at its corporate headquarters in Indianapolis, Ind., to service the company’s current and future clients.
bastian solutions indianapolis

Bastian Solutions Volunteers at Local Elementary School

Dec 11, 2012
Employees from Bastian’s corporate headquarters spent the day building, painting, and landscaping at Francis Scott Key Elementary School in Indianapolis.
bastian solutions team 60th

Bastian Solutions Celebrates Its 60th Anniversary

Oct 31, 2012
As a 3rd generation family business, Bastian Solutions continues to grow at a rapid pace with 18 U.S. offices and 7 international offices.

Bastian Solutions Joins Select Group of Rockwell Automation Machine Builder Partners

Sep 24, 2012
Controls division moves to company-level partnership with Rockwell Automation, achieving top-level status within the Rockwell Automation OEM Program.

Growth of Bastian's Custom Automation Group Recognized by the Indianapolis Business Journal

Jul 16, 2012
Blue Arc Engineering, recently re-named Bastian Automation Engineering, has been recognized as one of the fastest-growing, Indianapolis-area private companies by the Indianapolis Business Journal.

Bastian Robotics Promotes Safety at 2012 FIRST World Championship in St. Louis

May 03, 2012
Sixteen volunteers from Bastian Robotics manned the safety glasses station at the FIRST Championship to ensure all competitors were properly equipped while working on their robots.

D.R.E.A.M. Alive Scholars Go Behind the Scenes at Bastian Automation Engineering

May 02, 2012
Fifteen scholars from Tarik Glenn’s D.R.E.A.M. Alive program tour Bastian Automation Engineering to learn about the importance of engineering.
Bill Bastian II

Bill Bastian II Celebrates 25th Anniversary with Bastian Solutions

May 01, 2012
Years of hard work, innovative thinking, and dedication help family-owned business become an international corporation.

Bastian Solutions Helps Third-Party Logistics Provider Grow with Warehouse Automation

Apr 09, 2012
Westcoast Warehousing increases product throughput while reducing picking errors, employee training time, and labor costs by installing an automated picking system from Bastian Solutions.

Bastian Solutions to Provide an Automated Distribution Center for the First Academic Medical Center in the Middle East

Mar 07, 2012
Bastian Solutions (, has been selected to design and install an automated sortation system to supply Sidra Medical and Research Center, the first academic medical center in the Middle East.

Company Achieves Microsoft Gold Independent Software Vendor Competency and Gold Software Development Competency

Feb 11, 2012
Earns distinction and market leadership through demonstrated technology success and customer commitment.​

Bastian System Featured in the Premiere Episode of Move It!

Feb 07, 2012
Web-based series takes a behind the scenes look at $986 billion U.S. logistics industry.

Bastian Robotics Devotes Day of Caring to Local Hospital

Dec 20, 2011
Fifteen employees spent the day hanging holiday decorations and spreading cheer at the Ranken Jordan Pediatric Hospital in Maryland Heights, MO.

Bastian Offers New High-Level Palletizer Featuring Intralox's ARB Pallet Layer Former

Oct 12, 2011
Through a partnership with Intralox, L.L.C,--the innovator of patented Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology--Bastian Solutions is now offering a high-level palletizing system incorporating Intralox's S7000 Pallet Layer Former.
sao paulo skyline

Bastian Solutions Announces the Formation of Bastian South America

Mar 22, 2011
Bastian Solutions has formed a new office in Sao Paulo, Brazil, to better serve the growing number of distribution and manufacturing markets throughout South America.

Bastian Solutions to Deliver Material Handling Systems for Amway Distribution Service Centers

Feb 14, 2011
Bastian Solutions has been selected to deliver material handling systems for two new Amway distribution service centers.

Bastian Attends Record-Breaking Fundraiser to Support Boy Scouts

Jan 03, 2011
Bastian contributed to the record-breaking Governor’s Luncheon for Scouting held at Conseco Fieldhouse and also hosted a tour of the company’s robotics division for a Boy Scout troop in St. Louis.

Bastian Robotics' Solution Showcased at CSCMP Global Conference

Dec 01, 2010
Team helps create high speed robotic bottle picking solution for wine and spirits distributors.

New Commercial Real Estate Company Provides Expanded Services to Tenants

Nov 11, 2010
Bastian Development integrates real estate, logistics, and material handling.
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