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Bastian Offers New High-Level Palletizer Featuring Intralox's ARB Pallet Layer Former

October 2011 -- Through a partnership with Intralox, L.L.C,--the innovator of patented Activated Roller Belt™ (ARB™) technology--Bastian Solutions ( is now offering a high-level palletizing system incorporating Intralox's S7000 Pallet Layer Former.

The Intralox S7000 Pallet Layer Former turns and lanes cases at rates over 200 cases per minute, providing ultimate flexibility for creating customized pallet layer patterns of the most varied products--with no changeover time between different products. Intralox ARB technology enables a "touchless" turning and laning technique that handles products gently, eliminating the risk of product damage caused by bump turning.

Layer Forming Using ARB™ Technology

Employing ARB technology, the S7000 Pallet Layer Former quickly orients and guides packages from one lane into an infinite number of positions, precisely arranging packages into the desired pallet layer configuration without the use of external devices. Pallet pattern changes and product changes can be handled with only the touch of a button. There is no pattern that the S7000 Pallet Layer Former cannot create.

Features & Benefits of the S7000 Pallet Layer Former:



  • Up to 225 products per minute 
  • Economical solution when line speed has exceeded a single robot's picking and placing capacity (typically less expensive than employing two robots) 
  • Provides flexibility to handle small products (6 in. x 6 in.) or large variations in products on one palletizer 
  • Handles a large variety of package types and sizes, including cardboard boxes, shrink-wrapped trays, litho boxes, and shrink-wrapped bundles 
  • Gentle, touchless product turning and squaring; bump turns are eliminated 
  • Handles different layer patterns and products with no changeover time--only software adjustments
  • Will accommodate future package materials, sizes, and layer patterns without mechanical changes 
  • Allows an infinite number of pallet layer patterns 
  • Available as a retrofit to existing palletizers at a fraction of the cost of a new palletizer and with less installation time required 

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About Intralox
Intralox is the inventor of modular plastic belting and a global provider of conveyance solutions and services designed to optimize product handling systems for manufacturers and distributors worldwide. Committed to quality and performance-driven results, Intralox offers customers global industry expertise and 24-hour service.



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