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In the News: BlueBotics to demonstrate AGV/AMR interoperability and help companies build the business case for mobile robotics at ProMAT 2023

St-Sulpice, Switzerland — A provider of market-leading natural feature navigation with over 4,000 installed vehicles worldwide, BlueBotics is well-placed to lead and guide those thinking about investing in AGVs/AMRs. At the upcoming ProMAT 2023 show, BlueBotics will open new possibilities for advanced fleet management and interoperability. The CEO of BlueBotics, Dr. Nicola Tomatis, will also host an educational seminar to help customers build the business case for mobile robotics.

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The ability to operate different brands of AGV and AMR together in one seamless fleet is a hot topic in 2023. At the ProMAT show, the BlueBotics team demonstrates how this dream is already a reality when those vehicles are driven by the company's ANT natural feature navigation.

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