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In the News: Conveyor Systems Keep Products and Profit Flowing

conveyor-solutions-storyWarehouse managers are becoming increasingly aware of the ways in which conveyors can make their facilities more efficient. Moving products from point A to point B in a warehouse via conveyor means that workers don’t have to walk as many steps in a day. That translates into greater productivity because one employee can handle more products in a shift aided by a conveyor system. Additional factors to consider before installing or upgrading a conveyor system include energy efficiency, aesthetics, noise, speed/rate, diagnostics and ease of maintenance. If you are thinking about installing conveyors in your warehouse or distribution center, here are some ideas from conveyor manufacturers that may aid in your decision making.

Increasingly important factors include energy efficiency, aesthetics, noise, speed/rate, diagnostics and ease of maintenance. Our 24V solutions such as ZiPline RZPDC and BZPDC conveyor models utilize motor driven live roller (MDR) technology to provide increased energy efficiency, reduced noise and ease of maintenance compared to their traditionally AC powered counterparts.

By utilizing distributed MDR drives, the conveyor only runs when needed to move product, thus lending to low energy use and quieter operation. Due to their simplicity, maintenance is also reduced, and when necessary, quick and easy.

Throughout the range of our ZiPline Conveyor product line, we have considered aesthetics and utilized a compact side frame with a plastic cover and high grade powder coat paint. This provides a modern and sleek look, giving a facility not only a functional solution but also something visually appealing. Customers are proud to introduce the product to their employees as well as show it to their own customers and suppliers.

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