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In the News: Pro Voices: What Big Changes Are Coming to Logistics?

building_indiana_business_articleWhat are two big changes expected to take place in logistics throughout the 2020s?

Building Indiana Business reached out to logistics experts from around the state to learn more about what changes they’re expecting the industry to experience over the next decade.

Marvin Logan, Vice President of Consulting & Integration

Two of the biggest changes that will impact logistics throughout the 2020s are the growing demand for same-day delivery and a decreased labor pool. For companies to achieve same-day delivery, there must be a continued increase in logistics infrastructure. This is not just for the Amazons and Wal-Marts; from grocery stores to small e-commerce retailers, companies need the right mix of technology and processes to compete.

It is anticipated that millennial spending will account for 25% of total U.S. retail sales in 2020, or $1.4 trillion annually according to Accenture. It is logical to assume that millennials, and their desire for choice and convenience, will drive requirements on fulfillment and logistics creating a new “on-demand e-commerce” model throughout the 2020s.

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