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In the News: ProMatDX 2021: How to build a successful last-leg fulfillment operation

Finding a well-planned strategy backed by data is key to ProMatDXPromotion-InstaFB-1080x1080px4 creating a competitive last-leg fulfillment operation, systems integrator explains during ProMatDX seminar.

Without a doubt, the increasing complexities reverberating across the globe have created a difficult challenge for shippers when it comes to improving a new or existing last-leg fulfillment strategy. If you’re considering adding automation for microfulfillment, cross-docking, omnichannel fulfillment to your facility, or even designing a new warehouse, the strategy you choose should be well-planned and backed by data and the right equipment and software, representatives from systems integrator Bastian Solutions explained during a ProMatDX educational session this morning

“Traditional fulfillment has changed to omnichannel fulfillment. That shift to omnichannel is only accelerating even more rapidly to what we are calling ‘future-omni’ – which is essentially figuring out a way to automate the final mile process. That complexity is only continuing to grow,” said Alex Haines, business development consultant at Bastian Solutions.


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