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robotic_operating_system_bastian_solutionsHaving mastered dull, repetitive jobs for decades, robots are ready for a challenge. 

In the nation’s heartland, a smart robot decides in real-time how it will tackle a paint job where every single part is unique. Meanwhile, a robotic welder finds the seams on its own and welds an assembly it’s never seen before. Across the way in a warehouse, dozens of mobile robots nimbly fill orders with their own 3D printed hands, while in another part of the world, fleets of robots autonomously transport 1-ton loads of car parts across miles of factory floor without human intervention. 

The intralogistics market is expanding at a frenetic pace. Mobile robots, picking robots and other types of material handling and logistics automation are in high demand by the always-on supply chain.

Bastian Solutions, a material handling and robotics system integrator headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, provides automated solutions for distribution, manufacturing and order fulfillment centers around the world. Bastian is a ROS-I power user, and Chief Innovation Officer Chris Morgan is a fervent advocate.


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