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In the News: Toyota Material Handling introduces new automated line

Toyota Material Handling is introducing a line of automatic guided vehicles (AGVs).


Toyota Material Handling is introducing a line of automatic guided ProMatDX_toyota vehicles (AGVs) that includes two automatic guided carts (AGCs), center-controlled rider and a core tow tractor automatic guided forklifts this week at ProMatDX. Toyota will also be previewing its latest future addition to its automated lineup—a three-wheel electric automated forklift.

The new vehicles are easy to install and seamlessly integrate with existing warehouse management systems. Trint Castetter, senior product marketing specialist, said the products support Toyota’s commitment to being the industry’s leading materials handling solutions provider. 

Toyota is also showcasing advanced logistics solutions that are available through Toyota dealerships through their partnership with Bastian Solutions, a Toyota Advanced Logistics Company. “We want to demonstrate our automation capabilities—from simple to advanced,” said Castetter. “ProMatDX’s virtual format will allow us to do that in new and innovative ways to reach a wider audience through a digital environment.”


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