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The Future of Material Handling: An Interview with Aaron Jones

future-of-material-handlingAaron Jones, president of Bastian Solutions, was recently interviewed by Todd Schnick of IntrepidNOW regarding manufacturing automation in material handling. The podcast interview titled, “Aaron Jones: The Future of Material Handling,” explored the recent automation trends in the supply chain.

Jones explained, “We now have some goods-to-person technologies that are bringing operators products to their fingertips every 3-4 seconds. The technologies are pushing operators and the workforce to complete their tasks in the most expeditious manner as opposed to operators pulling. The rate of adoption is amazing. From an innovation standpoint, I need to mention the development of robotics. The price point has gone down, and the performance has gone up. It is getting very hard to combat the benefiting costs analysis when considering high-end automation.”

You can listen to the entire podcast below, or visit: 

Jones became the president of Bastian Solutions in January of 2014. Prior to becoming the company’s president, he worked as vice president for the previous four years. In 2010, Jones started Bastian’s Canadian business which now has grown into a nationally recognized Canadian integrator. As a regional manager and vice president, Jones was instrumental in leading Bastian Solutions into new technologies including various forms of advanced robotics, AGVs, and automated storage and retrieval including several major international projects.

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