Curriculum Associates

Curriculum Associates turns to Bastian Consulting for operational improvements.

Curriculum Associates is an education company that provides print materials and software to teachers and students across the U.S. and Canada. The company was growing 40% year over year and needed to expand its operational footprint and invest in a new automated distribution system. Curriculum Associates turned to Bastian Consulting for assistance in analyzing, designing and implementing a best-in-class warehouse.

Curriculum Associates

Consulting Services

  • Facility Sizing Study - With Curriculum Associates' rapid growth, a new, larger facility was needed. Bastian Consulting determine the required footprint needed to meet current and future order volumes.
  • Operational Methodologies - Worked with management and operations teams to determine strategies for the company's supply chain and new distribution center.
  • Equipment Layout - In conjunction with the sizing study, an equipment layout was created to maximize facility space and make operations more efficient.
  • Request for Proposal Creation - RFPs were created by Bastian Consulting to help Curriculum Associates find the best material handling equipment and warehouse management system providers. The Bastian Consulting team also assisted with coordination and negotiations to ensure the best solutions were selected at the lowest cost.
  • Project Management - Once providers were selected, Bastian Consulting manged the project for Curriculum to ensure all went smoothly and was completed in a timely manner.

See the results

Curriculum Associates was able to consolidate two smaller facilities into a single distribution center by maximizing floor space and using an efficient system layout.

With the new operations, the company saw a 167% increase in capacity to handle order volume. Previous peak days included shipment of 600,000 units. With the new system, Curriculum Associates can ship over 1.6 million units per day.

The project included successful implementation of a new material handling system and warehouse management system (WMS), which provided Curriculum Associates with an industry-leading distribution center.

The new, scalable system also accommodates Curriculum Associates long-term strategic plan.


Photos of our solution

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