Friesens Corporation Case Study


Reimagining Space and Labor with Cobot Automation

Friesens, based in Altona, Manitoba, Canada , was running out of space and facing a labor challenge to support their continued growth. As a premier short run book manufacturer and packaging specialist they produce print and packaging products for top publishers, schools and manufacturers around the world.

Motivated to support increasing demand and the processes required to meet that demand (like added binding lines), Friesens knew they needed to rethink their strained floorplan and production layout.  Additionally, they manage products that vary by size, weight, thickness and more. They needed an adaptable solution. Friesens looked towards Bastian Solutions to help them identify an innovative solution that could work with their unique product and industry needs.

With space as a key factor and a need for a more ergonomically friendly option, cobots were selected to replace existing industrial robots. Previous palletizing operations saw high turnover and low job satisfaction. Cobots allowed them to reduce their footprint by 7.5x, repurpose positions to more fulfilling roles and increase throughput rates with the use of Bastian Solutions’ StackOrder GO™ pallet pattern selector software.


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Friesens Corporation

Key Technologies

  • Multi-phased collaborative robot installation
    • Started with 1 cobot, added 3 more with 1 more being installed for a total of 5
    • Cobots featuring force sensors for safety
    • Custom EoAT (end of arm tool) to precisely handle each SKU
  • Bastian Solutions’ StackOrder GO™ - proprietary pallet pattern selector software


  • 7.5x reduction in operation footprint, opening facility opportunities
  • Were able to utilize and transform existing facility space to mitigate expansion costs
  • Replaced 30+ positions, repurposed all positions for more fulfilling and ergonomic functions
  • Increased throughput due to decreased pallet configuration programming time
  • Overcame high employee turnover rates with more ergonomic robotic automation solution


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