Newell Brands

10-Robot System Increases Accuracy and Improves Productivity

Newell Brands is a leading global consumer goods company with a strong portfolio of well-known brands.  Previously, at the company's 850,000 square foot facility in Mogadore, Ohio, Rubbermaid product kits were being manually assembled on a box line with 15-20 operators.  With a focus on increasing productivity, improving consistency, and shipping a more accurate product to customers, Newell turned to Bastian Solutions to design and implement a robotic system for kit assembly.

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Key Technologies

  • Product de-nesting device
  • 10 FANUC LR-Mate 200iD Robots
  • Bastian Solutions conveyor for process & reject lines
  • Robotic end of arm tool changer
  • Hopper for twist and seal lids
  • Case erector
  • Automatic taper 


99.8% of kits correctly assembled robotically  

Increased operating margins through productivity improvements

Approximately 80% of set volume will be processed by the robotic system

More accurate product shipped to customer - robotic automation accurately places the correct number of required products in each kit

Improved ergonomics for the remaining operators on the line

The robotic system can process one of two product lines at a time - one at about 800 parts per hour, and the other at 600 parts per hour

No manual operation required for the part quantity aspect of the system


Photos of our solution

  • rubbermaid-060316
  • rubbermaid-060316-10
  • rubbermaid-060316-12
  • rubbermaid-060316-14
  • rubbermaid-060316-15
  • rubbermaid-060316-5
  • rubbermaid-060316-18
  • rubbermaid-060316-20
  • rubbermaid-060316-21
  • rubbermaid-060316-24
  • rubbermaid-060316-26
  • rubbermaid-060316-27
  • rubbermaid-060316-29
  • rubbermaid-060316-30

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