Nine Line Case Study | eCommerce, Retail Fulfillment

New Racking System Adds Storage & Efficiency

Nine Line Apparel, a give-back organization and lifestyle brand located in Savannah, GA, needed to increase storage capacity and organization of its production and fulfillment facility. With a growing product line and increasing number of orders, the company turned to Bastian Solutions to help them select and install new pallet racking, carton flow racking and workstations.

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Business Objectives

  • Increase storage capacity in Nine Line Apparel's new facility
  • Use a combination of storage solutions to maximize efficiency and reduce costs
  • Install workstations that provide operators with more ergonomic conditions

Key Technologies

  • Selective rack for static storage
  • Pushback rack for dynamic storage
  • Carton flow racking
  • Ergonomic packaging stations


Prior to the new facility and racking system, Nine Line was palletizing and storing product outside.

With the new equipment in place, Nine Line can now efficiently store all products, which helps the company better manage inventory and reduce customer lead times.

The system features 672 selective rack pallet positions, 336 pushback rack positions and 885 carton flow pick faces.

The new racking system allows Nine Line to store up to 1100 pallets and 6,000 SKUs



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