Crown Cork & Seal

Scrap Metal Bales Easily Handled with Robotic Palletizer

Crown Cork and Seal turned to Bastian Solutions to find a robotic arm capable of assisting with palletizing scrap briquettes at the company’s facility in Mankato, Minnesota. Bastian was able to meet system throughput while also maintaining 50 percent over-speed for future expansion.


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Business Objectives

  • Handle variable length, bright scarp aluminum bales, ranging from +1” to -4” and a baseline length of 12”
  • Variable bale length meant producing a unique pallet pattern for every load
  • Reduce operational costs and improve ergonomic conditions
  • System located in existing baler scrap room with dimensional constraint
Pallet Outfeed COnveyor

Key Technologies

  • FANUC R-2000iB 165kg Robot with Aux Axis Package
  • Bastian Robotics servo-driven robotic End of Arm Tool (EoAT) with integrated Schunk linear ball screw and FANUC servo motor
  • Bastian Robotics 3-strand drag chain pallet conveyors and pallet bin
  • Hytrol infeed conveyor
  • MicroLogix PLC integrated into the FANUC robot control panel with PanelView 600 HMI
scrap metal palletizing robot


  • Met system throughput while maintaining 50% over-speed for future expansion
  • Removed operator handling of aluminum bales during normal production
  • Provided additional functionality of a robotic cell bypass for scheduled preventative maintenance and downtime
  • ROI based on reduced manpower and work-related injuries
  • Received a follow-up order for the Cheraw, SC facility and letter of recommendation
indexing product conveyor


  • crown_cork_seal_scrap_metal_palletizing_robot1-thumb
  • crown_cork_seal_scrap_metal_palletizing_robot_2-thumb
  • crown_cork_seal_scrap_metal_palletizing_robot_work_cell-thumb
  • Crown_cork_seal_indexing_product_conveyor-thumb
  • Crown_cork_seal_scrap_metal_palletizing_robot-thumb
  • crown_cork_seal_pallet_outfeed_conveyor-thumb
  • crown_cork_seal_pallet_conveyor_and_palletizing_robot-thumb
  • crown_cork_seal_full_pallet_discharge-thumb
  • crown_cork_seal_scrap_metal_palletizing_end_of_arm_tool-thumb

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