McCormick Spices

McCormick Improves Efficiency with a Full Layer Robotic Palletizer

McCormick turned to Bastian Solutions to help automate and improve their palletizing process. After analyzing McCormick’s needs, we recommended a full layer robotic palletizing system to reduce operational costs and improve efficiency.


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Business Objectives

  • Palletizing multiple product lines with the same robot
  • Need to palletize in a very small footprint
  • Robot must palletize very heavy layer weights
  • End of Arm Tool must accomodate wide or narrow side leading cases
  • System must achieve a consistent rate of 40 cases per minute in a very small footprint
Palletizing in a small footprint

Key Technologies

  • FANUC Robotics M-410 Palletizing Robot
  • Custom-designed Full-Layer End of Arm Tool
  • Bastian Robotics 3-strand drag chain pallet conveyor
  • Robotics controls
  • Carton Scanner
  • CDLR Case Conveyor
  • Selective Turning Corner
full layer palletizing robot


  • The system posses the ability to palletize full layers at a time
  • Maintains a palletizing rate of 45 cases-per-minute
  • Streamlined controls system requires just one software package to maintain the system
  • Provided a high level of visibility to the end-user
selective turning corner


  • robotic palletizing cell
  • McCormick_full_layer_palletizing_robot_120x
  • McCormick_carton_scanner_120x
  • McCormick_selective_turning_corner_120x
  • McCormick_full_layer_palletizing_system_120x
  • McCormick_full_layer_palletizing_solution_120x
  • McCormick_carton_scanner_2_120x
  • McCormick_CDLR_case_conveyor_120x
  • McCormick_selective_turning_corner_2_120x

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