Pepsi Cola Central Virgina

Distributor builds mixed pallets at 1,500 cases per hour

Pepsi-Cola of Central Virginia (Pepsi CVA) is a 100-year-old, third-generation family business located in Warrenton, Virginia. The distribution center services 7 counties and ships up to 4 million cases of product each year.

With the installation of an automated order fulfillment system, Pepsi CVA reduced employee overtime, increased shipment accuracy, and created a calmer, more structured facility environment.


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Pepsi-Cola Central Virginia

Business Objectives

  • Reduce labor costs and the high employee turnover rate
  • Accommodate an increasing number of SKUs
  • Improve delivery accuracy for better customer service
  • Capacity to build small format orders by store
Improved Delivery Accuracy

Key Technologies

  • Innopick® sorting system with 48 lanes of servo-controlled chain conveyor
  • NedPack Prorunner mk5
  • Automated Case Flow Module with 140 roller lanes utilizing motorized drive rollers and gravity conveyor
  • TGW mini-load AS/RS for lower velocity SKU's
  • T-Tek Automated Palletizer
  • WulfTec Stretch Wrapper
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI)
  • Panasonic Camera System and DVR
  • Mettler-Toledo ExpressWeigh Scale and Banner Height Check
Stocking Innopick®


  • The system handles more than 400 SKUs, while producing mixed pallets at 1500-2000 cases per hour.
  • The amount of labor required to process orders was decreased by two thirds.
  • The system has greatly reduced damaged goods.
  • The system allows Pepsi Central Virginia to be ASN (Advanced Shipping Notice) compatible.
  • The system allows Pepsi to meet the demands of their customers with greater accuracy, quality, and shorter order cycle times.
full layer pallets


  • pepsicva-rendering_1_full
  • pepsi_cva_innopick-rendering_2_full
  • pepsicva-rendering_3_full
  • pepsi_mini-load-asrs-front_4_full
  • pepsi_mini-load-asrs-back_5_full
  • pepsi_exacta-warehouse-control-system_6_full
  • pepsi_product-entering-innopick_7_full
  • pepsi_innopick-storage-system-wide_8_full
  • pepsi_innopick-stocking_9_full
  • pepsi_nedpack-vertical-conveyor_10_full
  • pepsi_automatic-palletizer_11
  • pallet-lift-pepsicva
  • pepsi_palletizer-to-wrapper_13_full
  • pepsi_stretch-wrapper-at-pepsi-cva_14_full
  • pepsi_layer-claw-forklift-lane_15_full
  • pepsi_claw-palletizing-lane-and-conveyor_16_full

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