The Boeing Company

Custom Freezer-Rated Automated Storage System for Composite Aircraft Components

The Boeing Company approached Bastian Solutions with requirements for a custom, automated vertical storage unit to store pre-plied, uncured, composite laminates on aluminum storage trays in a freezer operating at -20°F.

Bastian’s solution to this project was a two tower vertical lifting system with a custom, pivoting carriage between the two towers. Our design was required to hold these parts within a .1” flatness tolerance and the entire system had to function inside a freezer, requiring us to use special freezer-rated components. This custom storage system is also built to withstand earthquakes since the facility is located on the west coast.

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The Boeing Company

Key Technologies

The custom-engineered storage system interfaces with a manual transfer cart that holds aluminum trays measuring 30” wide by 40’ long. The system uses eight electronically synchronized fingers on a carriage that reach out, pick up a single aluminum tray, and move the tray to a specified level within the unit. While moving the aluminum tray, the lift’s two synchronized motors ensure the tray stays within a .1” flatness tolerance to avoid causing any wrinkles or bubbles in the aluminum.

  • Overall dimensions: 46’ long x 22’ high x 8’ wide
  • 20 unique storage locations
  • 1,000 lbs. lifting capacity / 20,000lbs. storage capacity
  • 20’ of vertical travel
  • Synchronized telescoping actuators with integral conveying surfaces


  • Automatic storage and retrieval of the product in less than 3 minutes
  • Smooth and level lifting by means of synchronized electric motors
  • Lift carriage and storage rack minimize part deflection to less than 0.1” over 40’
  • (8) electronically synchronized motors power telescoping actuators


  • moving-tray-for-aerospace-parts-thumb
  • vertical-lift-motor-thumb
  • custom-vlm-with-motor-thumb
  • custom-vertical-lift-module-thumb
  • part-tray-sliding-finger-thumb
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